Chris’ Version of a Top 10

This time of year so many of the cigar blogs publish their Top 10 lists for the year. And although I see how these lists are beneficial, I personally don’t feel like I can create a single list. Honestly, there are just too many factors to consider.

So, I decided to create two lists of five cigars that I decided were either a disappointment or a shocker in 2009. The criteria for these lists is actually quite simple and I explain it in the video. I’ve also included a brief explanation below of my choices.

Top 5 Disappointments of 2009

No. 5 – Nub Maduro

Overall this is a cigar that lacks any of the notable flavor or body that a maduro cigar should have.

No. 4 – Casa Magna

I’ve had too many bad experiences with this cigar to outweigh the one pleasant experience.

No. 3 – Siglo II

When you think of a name like Siglo III you automatically think great cuban, and that was two things this cigar was not.

No. 2 – San Cristobal Seleccion Del Sol

The newest collaboration between Ashton and Don Pepin Garcia leaves me wanting more. In addition to the construction and burn issues I’ve experienced, I found the flavors to be lacking.

No. 1 – Room 101

My opinion of this cigar can be summed up like this: The “conspiracy” is that Room 101 is an average cigar at best.

Top 5 Shockers of 2009

No. 5 – Oliva Connecticut Reserve

An incredible cigar that persuaded me to start paying attention to cigars with a Connecticut wrapper.

No. 4 – Diesel “Unholy Cocktail”

Absolutely delicious! A true “flavor bomb” that comes with a more than acceptable price tag. AJ Fernandez is officially my pick for a cigar roller/blender to watch.

No. 3 – CAO La Traviata

The odds on favorite for cigar of the year, and quite possible CAO’s best work to date.

No. 2 – Jesus Fuego Origen Toro

When I pick up a J. Fuego cigar I expect a good stick, and this cigar far exceeded any of my expectations.

No. 1 – La Riqueza Cabinet Petit Robusto

Even better than the original, and not considering any limited edition cigars, this is my absolute favorite from Havana Cellars.

So there is my take on the cigars of 2009. As always, I look forward to your comments so please let me know where you agree, where you disagree and what you think of the different format.

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Nice list. I am one that does like the Room101, but mostly in that big size…808, thats the one – 6X60.


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