Cigar Blending with General Cigar in the Dominican Republic

As many of you know, I was recently part of a trip to the Dominican Republic for cigar bloggers to visit General Cigar DR operations.  I will be posting several videos and even a picture show with all the great learning experiences we had as well as the amazing operation General Cigar has in the DR. In this first video, the General Cigar DR crew put together an amazing tobacco tasting seminar where they had about 15 different types of tobacco leaves ranging from primings, origin and aging.  They rolled us fumas (small cigars of only one tobacco type) to truly be able to get the taste and palette reaction of that type of tobacco.  Once we tried each one, they gave us the task of making our own blend which would be then rolled with a binder and wrapper of the Macanudo Cafe.  I neglected to hear that last part about the wrapper and binder, so I made a full bodied cigar blend.  I picked 4 tobaccos for my blend:

This gave me exactly what I love in a cigar.  Nice sweet cocoa note with a bitter coffee finish and a woody core.  Here is the video of the torcedor rolling my blend.  Enjoy!  Thanks to David Jones of The Tiki Bar Online for shooting this video!

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So how many cigars of your own special blend do you get (I thought I read in one of your earlier posts you had said five(5))?

And what happens if a blend like your’s is really good? Do you get to name it when it goes into production?! :-D

We had to blend, bunch, bind and roll 20 cigars. 10 were for the judges to determine who had the best blend and the other 10 we had to label, put in cellophane and box up for us to take home. It was a great learning experience.

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