Cigar Journal: Cuban Stock

Recently I received a package from Cuban Stock Cigar Co. that included 4 cigars, all from various lines. Instead of doing a series of four “First-Impression” reviews I thought it would be interesting to write up what I’d characterize as journal entires for each of the cigars sent. In this post I’ll be taking a look at the Joya de Havana and Exquisito Limitado.

Cuban Stock Cigar Co. first entered the industry in 1995 under the name Crown David. Founded by Yaniv Levy, Crown David first released the Cuban Stock cigar and in the years to follow changed the name of the company to Cuban Stock to pay homage their flagship cigar. They name Cuban Stock comes from the companies dedication to using old cuban techniques of growing tobacco, curing/fermenting tobacco and rolling cigars. Their factory is located in Satiago, Dominican republic and according to the pamphlet I received they currently produce 10 lines of boxed cigars and 6 lines of bundled cigars.

Joya de Havana

Name: Joya de Havana
Company: Cuban Stock Cigar Co.
Wrapper: Piraca Ecuador
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican and Honduran Ligero
Comes in: Box of 20
Vitola: Figurado #2 (5″ x 48)

The Joya de Havana has a dark, nearly black, wrapper with a light vein structure. The cigar not only appears oily, but feels oily to on my fingers. The filler tobacco feels as thought it was bunch well. Overall the cigars feels solid with just the right amount of give when squeezed between my fingers. After taking a few sniffs of the wrapper I became excited to smoke this cigar as the aroma coming from the wrapper and foot is traditional barnyard; nothing by hay and manure.

I fired up this figurado using a single flame torch lighter and quickly noticed an abundance of black pepper flavors on my tongue and through the retro-hale. As I got a little deeper into the cigar I began to pick up hings of sweet hay and wood. The cigar burned evenly and dropped it’s ash in one inch chunks. Towards the end of the cigar The pepper notes ramped up and finished with minor notes of coffee beans and bitter nuts. The draw was exceptional from beginning to end and lacked tightness that I feel is typical from most perfectos.

Overall I found the Joya de Havana to be an enjoyable cigar. The cigar performed well and for the most part delivered a well balanced variety of flavors. The only negative in my opinion was the bitterness that crept in during the last half of the cigar. Perhaps a little time aging in the humidor would be beneficial. However, I’d definlty suggest trying this cigar if you’re into spicy medium-bodied cigars.

Limitado Exquisito

Name: Exquisito Limitado
Company: Cuban Stock Cigar Co.
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Comes in: Box of 20
Vitola: Figurado/Perfecto (5.5 x ??)

The wrapper is oily and a dark shade of brown reminiscent of dark chocolate. The veins were slightly larger than in the Joya de Havana, however there were not very many of them. The cigar felt a little heavy in my hand and the filler tobacco felt as though it had been rolled tightly. But what is really special about this cigar in my opinion is the pre-light aroma. I’ve used the term “barnyard” probably 1000 times on this site, but if there was ever a cigar that smelt exactly like a barnyard, full of hay, manure and wood, it would be this cigar. Pre-light draw was surprisingly loose and spicy to the tongue.

Much like the Joya de Havana the Exquisito Limitado started off with a blast of black pepper both on the palate and retro-hale. Also complementing the pepper was the presence of a additionally spiciness best compared to a jalapeno. The cigar also had a strong grilled meat characteristic that finished on a woody note. The cigar burned well, held a solid ash and had a nice even draw.

I liked the flavor of the Exquisito Limitado, however, I think the spiciness far overpowered the other flavors. In my opinion this cigar would have been much better if it were more balanced. Like with the Joya de Havana I’m thinking a little extra humidor time would be beneficial but that doesn’t mean I’d shy away from a young stick either. If you like full bodied cigars that pack a punch then I’d recommend this cigar. But if you like mild to medium sticks then the Exquisitio Limitado is probably not for you.

In the next week or two I’ll be posting the second part of my Cuban Stock Cigar Co. tasting by reviewing the Cuban Stock Royal Selection and Cuban Stock Reserve.

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Thanks for the reviews, I’ve never heard of this particular company though both appear to be great looking cigars. Based on your review they sound like they’d be right up my alley but maybe with a bit more rest, as you suggest.

I tried the EE on the recommendation of a cigar dealer in Seattle. I usually smoke Oliva V’s, but, as you suggest, this cigar is spicier. I found the balance excellent (but I probably like spicy), and the cigar smoked well to the very end, improving noticably into the middle. I’ll smoke them as break from the V’s.

In Phila, Pa, which is where I live, My wife (of all people), recently noticed an all-white building located at 231 Rock Hill Road, in the Bala Cynwyd area. One day driving by, knowing that I am a serious cigar enthusiast, she convinced me to go in and check the shop out and all that I can say is that I am very happy that I did. I bought two of the maduro Chubbys and two of the Exquisito Limitado and the manager gave me the Cuban Stock Extra as a freebie. I have to say that each one of these cigars is top notch at very reasonable price. The burn on the Limitado was a bit uneven, the ash a bit flakey, but the construction and taste was as good as any top rated cigar that I have ever enjoyed. It started a little weak but quickly picked up after a few puffs. This is a very powerful cigar and not for the weak of heart. Very peppery/spicy flavors exploded in my mouth with every puff. This is a keeper for my humi.

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