A few evenings ago Ben, Shawn and I got together via Skype to review the CroMagnon. CroMagnon is the brainchild of Skip Martin, owner of Hava Cigar Shop. Skip teamed up with Michael Rosales of Adrian’s Cigars to create a cigar he felt would be appreciated by hardcore cigar enthusiasts. What they created is a full-bodied cigar with tons of flavor and a healthy amount of strength.

The CroMagnom is cloaked in a thick and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Beneath that is a Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan filers. These cigars come in five different sizes, which are referred to as the Taxonomy: Knuckle Dragger (4×52), Mandible (4 1/2×60), EMH (5×56), Cranium (6×54) and Anthropology (5 3/4 x46).

The short synopsis of this review is that all of us really enjoy the CroMagnon. This a no nonsense cigar. It provides great flavor and strength, which pairs beautifully with bourbon.

Skip wanted me to also mention that he’s running a promotion this weekend (10/14/11-10/16/11) on Hava Cigar Shop. Two random customers during this weekend will be chosen to receive a three-cigar sampler. The cigars included in this sampler are prototypes of three new brands: CroMagnon Aquitaine, Intemperance and Adrians Thirty. So head over to Hava Cigar Shop and pick up either CroMagnon or Adrian’s Cigars for your chance to win this special prize.

Also, don’t forget, at the end, we have a contest where you can win a sampler of these cigars thanks to Hava Cigar Shop!

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Ive shared these cigars (mostly mandibles) with a dozen people or more and every single person enjoyed them. – @Leo_Botl

Thanks for the thoughtful review.

Looking forward to hearing Chris’ Dad give his take on the different sizes.

We just back from Nicaragua. We drove all over the country from Esteli to San Rafael to find the best tobaccos for our newest blends. Looking forward to sharing these with you as well.

For the record, my favorite scary movie of all time is The Shining. Redrum!

The Chief

Couldn’t agree anymore. Excellent, full-flavored cigar. Good new about the three new brands. Will need to try them.

For a full bodied cigar, this stick is great. I’m just a whimp and cant handle them all the time. I’ve smoked a few bundles of these sticks and really have had only 1 stick w/ a bad draw. Very impressive and a beautiful looking cigar.

These are definitely great cigars.

My favorite scary movie is Blade.

The CroMagnon is now one of my top “go to ” smokes. It has the perfect flavor profile for me and is always a pleasure to sit down and relax with. My favorite vitola is the Knuckle Dragger…just perfect. Can’t wait for Skip to get the boxes in stock. I’m hoping this new batch is as good as the ones I’ve been smoking.
My favorite scary movie(s): old school…The original 1968 “Night of The Living Dead”…scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.
Recently I’ve really enjoyed the “Paranormal Activity” series…also the new TV show “American Horror Story” is awesomely creepy.

My favorite scary movie is the original Omen (76′). The movie real suspenseful, but I’ll admit I’ve got a bit of a bias because all of the Rottweilers in the movie came from the breeder where I got my Rottweiler.

Forgot to post my movie was the original Halloween. They scare you with no special effects and a creepy ass score.

Great review guys the cigar speaks for itself a great full bodied smoke I love em. As far as the movies go The Exorcist has to be it for me.It is one of the scariest based on true events movies ever it still creeps me out.I even heard the cast of that movie was creeped out by it.Thanks for the review and the contest.

Great review, as usual. I’ve heard a bit about these but have never tried one, let alone found one anywhere near me.

Scariest move would have to be ‘JAWS’, for the simple fact that, for the most part, the movie scares the sh*t out of you by what it DOESN’T show. Your fear is based on whatever your mind can imagine. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish.

Thanks for the review. I’ll have the to say my favorite scary movie is The Car….

Favorite Scary Movie: Ernest Scared Stupid
Why: Authentic Bulgarian Miak

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