Cuchillos Cubanos ~46~


Here is another guest review from Dave (@DX_FXN).

The Cuchillos Cubanos is Illusione’s entry into the world of “budget” smokes. Each cigar is a 60/40 blend of long and medium filler and is available in a number of different sizes that come in five packs and retail for UNDER $20 each!

Tobacco Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 4.5” x 46 
Price: $18 a five pack ($3.60 a stick)

The stick itself is not banded and you will notice that the wrapper is a bit spotted with a reddish hue. The wrapper smells sweet and I detected a bit of cocoa and pepper at the foot. After cutting the stick, the pre-light draw is easy and smooth, but I wasn’t able to really pick up on any discernable flavors. 

As I am firing this bad boy up, plumes of white smoke are everywhere. Flavors in that first third were a bit vegetal to start, but became toasty and peppery after a few puffs. Exiting the first third, I am greeted by a blast of cocoa and toasted marshmallow as I enter into the second third. The ash is loose and crumbly at this point and I am picking up on some real nice cocoa and coffee flavors. The final third ended with some real nice woodsy notes and there was a toasty finish left on the palette which was quite nice. 


I picked this up on a whim one night when I received an email from a retailer advising that they had just been released. For the price, I honestly wasn’t expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. This cigar really provided a hearty bang for the buck and I recommend it to anyone that is a fan of illusione’s products. Worst-case scenario: you buy them and don’t like them and you’re only down $18 (not too bad IMO). No worries though, chances are you’ll be hooked on these and end up keeping a number of them in your humidor. 

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Glad to see a review of these as i’ve been thinking of trying them, will definitely have to pick a pack up!

Matt M.

Nice Job. Will have to grab a pack of these.

Sounds like a good bang for your buck cigar! I will have to try them when I find them!


Can’t wait till everything from Illusione comes available in Europe! Sounds like a great cigar!

Nice review they sound like good smokes, wish I had a shop that sold some

thanks guys for posting my review.

Charlie: hope the wedding was killer!


Great review,
I wish they had these to try at my shop….

Thanks for the review. I just picked up one at the B&M yesterday.

I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

Nice work! I’ll keep these in mind next time I’m shopping.

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