Cupido Criollo Revolucion


Cupido cigars first hit the market and gained popularity during the cigar boom of the 1990’s.  However, in 2002 production was stopped.  In December 2007 they were reintroduced to the market, with much anticipation from experienced cigar smokers.  Still produced by Don Kiki, and now distributed by Cuban Crafters, the Cupido line of cigars is available to a whole new generation of cigar enthusiasts.  Today’s cigar comes to you courtesy of Duque Cigars.  

Company: Cuban Crafters
Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua
Made by: Tabacalera Esteli 
Size: 5 x 50 Robusto
Wrapper: Criollo
Filler:   Habano
Binder:  Habano 
MSRP: $3.40 each/$84.99 box of 25


The Cupido Criollo was box-pressed and felt slightly spongy to the touch.  The dark criollo wrapper was rugged in appearance, with tiny veins, but not unattractive.  These cigars were constructed well, and despite the sponginess, they appeared to be very solidly constructed.  Pre-light aroma was of tobacco and hay, and the pre-light draw was near perfect.  

First Third

Right off the light I got a ton of oaky flavors mixed with hints of cinnamon spice.  The cigar produced abundant amounts of thick yellowish smoke, that quickly filled the room with a pleasant aroma of hay.  As I reached about the 1 inch mark I began to pick up on a wonderful mixture of flavors, that can best be described at dark chocolate covered peanuts.  The ash was dark gray in color and held solidly as I puffed away on the cigars.  This cigar was burning straight and drawing perfectly.


Second Third

The second third of this cigar did bring some change.  I could no longer tastes as much of the woody component as I could a smoothy leatheriness, that balanced nicely with the chocolate and peanuts.  The cinnamon spice remained, and added interest, to an otherwise smooth tasting smoke.  The ash on these cigars is amazing, staying attached for as much as the entire first two thirds of the cigar.  


Last Third

The final third of the Cupido brought just as much smoking pleasure as the last two.  The flavors remained complex with hints of spice, chocolate, nuts and leather.  The cigar continued to burn straight, and produced a nice tight ash.   


Final Thoughts

If you have not yet tried the Cupido you should.  The flavors are rich and complex without being overbearing.  The Cupido is medium bodied, but full of flavor, and leaves me wanting more.  This cigar is available in a variety of sizes, and a maduro version was recently released; only adding to the number of choices to fit your preference .  

If this review leaves you wanting more information I suggest you check out a blind review that was recently published at Cigar Weekly.

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Wow. This stick sounds phenominal. The flavors you describe as well as the price point may push this up to the top of the “to try” list.

I’ve never heard of this cigar until now and it sounds like I’m gonna look for it now. Thanks for the review.

I’ve heard good things about this cigar, though I haven’t tried it myself. There are just so many out there. Nice review.

This sounds like a pretty good cigar!
I’ve seen it at the Tiki Tobacco Barn and been thinking about getting one, but I’ll definitely have to pick one up after reading this.
Thanks for the review

Very nice, accurate review of the Cupido. Another Don Kiki masterpiece is La Carolina. I like the Campana (5.025″x56), but actually any size is great! Both brands are available @ Duque Cigars, or from CubanCrafters. Being boutique cigars, some sizes (or even entire brands) may not always be available. Another good thing is that you can purchase a “sampler” of five cigars in their own cedar box for about $20 to try them out.

CubanCrafters has a sampler (5 or 6 cigars) up now for #12.99. Probably the best bargain out there at the moment.

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