Cusano 15th Anniversary

Well the Cusano brand of cigars is 15 years old and to celebrate this milestone they have released 2000 boxes of their new cigar appropriately named 15th Anniversary. This stick is sold in boxes of 15 and retails for $8.99 per stick plus any state and local taxes. I’d never heard of this cigar until I saw it in a local Tinder Box in December. Since the cigar was a lancero, easily my favorite vitola, I picked up a couple to try. Since then I’ve gone back to the shop and picked up a few more. Now I’ve sat down and put my thoughts on video for enjoyment. That is if you enjoy these videos…

Name: 15th Anniversary
Company: Cusano
Made In: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
Price: $8.99
Comes in: Box of 15
Vitola: Lancero (7″ x 40)

Final Thoughts

The construction of these cigars is top notch. The cigar is solid but provides a perfect draw and ample amounts of thick white smoke. The burn was even and slow allowing the ash to fall on its own in 1.5 inch chunks. All of that is great, but doesn’t mean a hill of beans unless the cigar tastes good, and this cigar tastes great. the core flavor of this cigar is earthy with hints of nuts and fresh ground coffee. A significant amount of black pepper hit the back of my tongue for the first quarter of this cigar and then slowly mellowed as I smoked further into the cigar. Only in the last inch or two did the pepper ramp back up. The retro-hale on this cigar was strong with black pepper. Too much of this smoke through the nose will bring make your eyes water, at least it did for me.

As I mentioned in the video I’ve smoked five of these cigars over the last two months. All of them, with the exception of one were exceptional. The one cigar that I had and issue with leaked a bitter tar out of the head of the cigar that decreased my enjoyment of the cigar. However, by simply wiping the bitter substance off on a rag after every 4-5 draws I was able to minimize the impact the unwanted substance had on the smoking experience.

I’d highly suggest trying this cigar if you can find them at your local shop. Given their limited availability I’d assume they’ll be gone quickly. To me this is a box worthy cigar, but if your not in the market for a box, I don’t think you would not be disappointed with a handful of these Lanceros in your humidor.

According to my inputs at Your Cigar Ratings I give the Cusano 15th Anniversary a 93.

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To be honest I don’t think I have meet a Cusano that I have really liked, so the price on this one scares me away a little bit. But since you gave it a high rating I will have to try it if I see it at my local B&M. Thanks for the review.

^ I almost agree with that, I do enjoy the Paired maduro for nice mellow chocolaty morning smoke.

The cigar certainly looks nice, and it’s in my favorite vitola… sort of glad that there seems to be a push by cigar manufacturers to roll more lanceros. The cigar seems fairly well balanced. May have to see if I can pick up a 5er.

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