Dunhill Aged Maduro Short Robusto

I have to be 100% honest and say I haven’t had too many Dunhill cigars in my smoking history. They have came off to me as too mild and mellow for my likings. Before the deeming FDA regulations took place, I received a package with the Aged Maduro and I really was in no hurry on trying them. Until I saw a few other BOTLs that were saying pretty good things about it, so I figured lets see what its all about. The first few I had, I was pretty shocked how good it was and was like no other Dunhill I’ve ever had. From that point on, I had to get a review out.

The history of the Dunhill company starts in 1907 with Alfred Dunhill opening a tobacco shop in London. Alfred mainly dealt with blending pipe tobacco, making pipes and selling cigars. He didn’t start producing cigars until much later in the 20th century. Dunhill never produced a maduro cigar until the Aged Maduro came about at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show.




Cigar Stats

Size: 4×54

Vitola: Short Robusto

Wrapper: Sun Grown Ligero Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Dominican

Country: Dominican Republic

Cost*: SRP per cigar is $10.45

Available in three sizes in 10ct boxes:

Marevas– 5.13 x 42; SRP per cigar is $9.45
Short Robusto — 4 x 54; SRP per cigar is $10.45
Short Churchill – 5.5 x 54; SRP per cigar is $11.95



First Looks

When you think maduro, most people think dark and black. Well this cigar is no exception. The wrapper is pretty dark brown and almost black in some areas. Keeping it all together is deeply applied triple cap that allows for plenty of cutting options. The seams are pretty tight, but there are a few veins in the wrapper, but they shouldn’t pose a problem with the smoking. The band is pretty straight forward and the rhelm of the “typical” Dunhill band; simple and effective.





The draw stayed consistently (almost) perfect for me. There was a nice bit of resistance as well as looseness to it. This awesome draw produced a great amount of drawn and ambient smoke. Fairly stout room notes of cedar and spice wafted from the sitting cigar. The burn stayed razor sharp and produced tightly ringed ashes of dirty white, gray & black that lasted well over an inch & a half.





The first few draws give off a nice smooth almost leathery cocoa flavor. There are hints of a slight salty note that intermingles nicely with a healthy amount of spice that’s amplified in the retrohale. Right off the bat this cigar has way more power and flavor strength than any other Dunhill cigar I have had. A little ways into the first portion the body of the smoke eases off some and a hint of a sweet note arises into the smoke; the maduro leaf is finally giving off some of the sweetness it should. Later on the cocoa eases off a considerable amount and a caramel flavor mixes quite well with the already present salty & slightly spicy notes. I do notice that the smoke is pretty “wet” in a sense that it doesn’t leave my mouth dried out. Leaving out of the first third, the leather notes eases up in strength, the caramel lessens and an undertone of a light vegetal tone sneaks up into the profile.

Coming into the middle part, the cocoa starts to appear a little more in the flavors as the vegetal undertone disappears. It accompanies the leather nicely as it previously did in the past. The sweetness of the cocoa is a bit lesser than before. As the leather and semi-sweet cocoa are fighting for the key flavor at the moment. About halfway, the spice picked back up a tad bit and lessened the sweetness of the cocoa even more. The spice now attaches itself to the leather and shows no hint at lessening any time soon. Leaving the middle part, the vegetal undertone shows back up like it previously did. The vegetal undertone is a bit stronger than it was before and quite honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of it.

Rounding third and heading home, the leather and cocoa take a step back up in strength and the sweetness of before is not around much. The vegetal tones are easing off considerably and allows the leather to outshine the cocoa. At the very end of the cigar, it takes a dark turn (for the better). The cocoa starts to overpower the other flavors and now has a darker aspect to it. The sweetness is a thing of the past and I wish it had not as it would have complimented the dark cocoa nicely.




Final Thoughts

To be honest, when I first saw the cigar, I didn’t have many good things to say about it. Then after having a few, I finally got around to liking it more and more. The flavors were smooth and pretty straight forward. They never got too muddled or off key. The vegetal notes that appeared here and there were the only ones that I didn’t particularly cared much for. I would have traded the vegetal notes for more sweetness. The caramel note was another flavor that I wished I would have had more of. All of those are minor and personal issues that another smoker would have liked.


For a slightly less than medium-full bodied smoke, it was quite smooth and enjoyable. The SRP per cigar is $10.45$ is a little steep for a short smoke. But seeing the aging involved and the smoothness of the cigar, its not too bad. I have seen them for $6.25 from a few online retailers which is a great value in my eyes and I would recommend it for someone looking for a darker than usual Dunhill.


*This cigar was provided to me, unsolicited, from General Cigar for this review (prior to any FDA regulations).  Many thanks to those great people for the opportunity to review this cigar!


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