El Original Natural

The El Original line was created in 1999 by the Island Smoke Shop in Key Largo, FL. The cigar incorporates a five county blend of tobacco, which is capped of with an Ecuadorian wrapper. The El Original is described as a full-bodied cigar, so I’ll fire it up and let you know my take on it.

While editing this video I realized that I never said whether or not this cigar was full-bodied or not. I would generally classify this cigar as medium-bodied, but full-flavored. Approximately the first inch of this cigar could possibly be classified as full bodied, but the cigar quickly mellowed out.

Now this video runs a bit longer than I originally intended, but this cigar inspired me to talk a little more about the differences between various vitolas. I would certainly appreciate you providing some feedback in the comments section to let me know your take on this subject.

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Great review Chris! I’m pretty sure I was gifted an El Original (not the lancero), that has been kicking around in my humi for a year or two. I’m going to find that sucker and spark it up after work! :D

As for the different vitola discussion, I’ve already posted why I think people (myself included) prefer smaller RG cigars, in the comments section of your Illusione ~mk~ review.

But, why would people prefer the larger RG’s? Well, it could be like you said that they think the larger RG cigars will be more flavourful/complex and fuller-bodied because of the greater amount of tobacco in the cigar. Or, perhaps it’s because some smaller RG cigars (like the lancero’s) tend to be harder to find and, in some cases, more expensive than your run-of-the-mill robusto. But I think another big factor, especially for a lot of beginning cigar smokers, is that some guys (not all) think the larger RG cigars are more “masculine” than their smaller cousins (i.e. they adopt an “if you smoke a big cigar, you must be a big man” mentality).

Of course, this isn’t the case for all large RG cigar smokers and I don’t mean to make generalizations. There are certainly just as many large RG enthusiasts who base their vitola preference on the specific attributes of the vitola…just as small RG smokers do with the lancero, petit corona, panatella, etc. But, I do feel that there are some who disregard the smaller RG cigars without ever really giving them a chance.

Jesus, I’ve almost got a short novel written here! Sorry to take up so much of your comment space! :D


33, 34, 35! Ready or not, here I come! Wow, those kids are great, I never “really” counted to 35, more like: 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 16, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30, 32, 34, 35!

Good review, I love lancero’s.

Smoked my first one of these last night, and good god was it strong. Real nicotine punch that really surprised me.

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