February Contest: Win a box of Bad Dog Cigars!

Nice Tight Ash is happy to announce our first sponsor, Duque Cigars. Use coupon code NTA2009 to get 5% off your order. To kick off our partnership, they are sponsoring our first contest!

Duque Cigars logo

The Prize

The winner of our February contest will win a film can of 20 Bad Dog toros and a Bad Dog Cigars poster. The Bad Dog is a long filler cigar with a slightly sweetened tip that goes well with a cup of coffee or after dinner. And the poster? Well, the posters speak for themselves.

Seduction PosterAttitude Poster

The Contest

So, what do you have to do to win this great prize? Simple. Just leave a comment with a suggestion for Nice Tight Ash. Each person can make one suggestion each day until March 4th, and we will select one winner at random soon thereafter. Please make sure to enter a valid email address so we can contact you and Duque Cigars can get your prize to you!

Good luck and let’s see those suggestions!

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Excellent. Congrats on the sponsor. Only suggestion I have right now is that I’d like to see more. Love the site so far.

Cool contest. Had a thorough look at the site and the only suggestion I have is that you need to make better use of your header space as it’s quite empty at the moment. For example, you could embed a gallery of cigar pics :)

The site is great! Can’t wait for the gear…..Would like to see t-shirts with front pocket if possible.

Great Contest and congratulations on the sponsor. I’m not really a web designer, so I don’t really have a comment on the site presentation, but I look forward to the cigar related topics.

Great contest guys. I would suggest more cigar related articles about lighters, humidors, storage, tracking, etc. That isn’t being done much on other sites.

Thanks for the contest. I don’t want to copy Ben (But I LOVE the idea of reviewing Gear), so my suggestion is polls. Usually simple like “Twitter is Too Simple- Twitter is Just Right”. I love seeing what others think.
Thanks again.

Great Site! My suggestion would be to add an occasional video review from time to time.

I like your reviews and the format you use. My recommendation is not to let anyone talk you into a number based rating system.

Maybe doing an interview with people in the cigar industry. (Other bloggers, industry reps, newbies & veterans)

I’ve seen online retailer listings on some other sites. It has been very helpful to me. I’ve found many good deals that way.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Great site, very user-friendly and informative. Good show, indeed!

Great start on a newer cigar site! And awesome that you’re on Twitter, too! I’d like to see more opportunities for ordinary guys & gals to sample/review new cigars.

Awesome Contest!

It’d be cool if you got all the popular cigar cutters rounded up and some how accelerated wear on them and gave the data.

Awesome contest!!! Another thing I’d like to see would be opportunities for viewers to upload their best stick pics.

While this may not relate to the retail side of cigars, perhaps you might consider including a forum where people can highlight cigar-friendly bars and restaurants across the nation.

Sadly, they’re becoming few and far between.

Move the subscription for rss feed down to the right side column. That way it will be easier to use the whole banner with some filler.

Looking forward to your video reviews.

Would be nice if one website could provide more information on local B&Ms. Would be dificult for you to take on yourselves being that your are limited to a specific area, but maybe could complile information from your readers.

Nice clean appearing site. Visually appealing – although not as much as the poster. I would consider adding a podcast, nothing long — short, simple, sweet – video podcast is the easiest. Who does your site? WordPress?

Very nice site. More cigar reviews and perhaps some more action shots. :)

More cigar giveaways will alway generate more traffic….

Half naked chicks help as well

Try to have something new every day. It doesn’t have to be a cigar review. As long has people can come to this site and not see the same post 3 days.

I agree – more cigar giveaways. Even if its just a 2 or 3 stick pack.

Interviews. I try to read any industry interviews I can.

A recent comment section that links to the post would be helpful.

Great site. Love the reviews.I wouldn’t change a thing at this point!

Keep the video reviews coming. Good to see actual expressions and in the moment takes on a cigar.

“Comment by BradinBuffalo on February 11, 2009 @ 8:36 am

Half naked chicks help as well”

LOL. I 2nd this. :)

Hey! Just found this site.

I would suggest doing video reviews on the odd occasion as they are more entertaining than text.

Would like to see what your regular rotation of smokes are (both Charlie and Chris (maybe part of a bio or something)). This kind of gives a starting point for your reviews. People can see how your tastes align with theirs.


Some suggestions (some of which you are already doing):
– video reviews
– tips & tricks (text/video)
– daily/weekly/monthly poll about cigar related issues?
– gear (video) reviews
– interviews with cigar manufacturers
– reviews of what you can pair with a cigar e.g. whisky, bourbon, rum, coffee, beer, chocolate, etc..
– blind tasting reviews
– more contests / give-aways ;-)
– user submitted cigar reviews
– more of those smokin’ women as you have in this post :-)
– cigar review podcast

Hey guys,

Not sure what you have planned but would live to see your take on the new version of the Padilla Miami

Is this an old post? still active? I love women and cigars, so if I win, send both!

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