First Impressions: Alec Bradley Select Cabinet Reserve

The Seclect Cabinet Reserve (SCR) is a new cigar from Alec Bradley. This cigar features a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. Some of the same elements used in the popular Tempus line were also used in the SCR. This cigar and available in 5 vitolas, and for this review I’ll be smoking the 5.5 x 60 Gran Robusto. The cigar was nicely constructed with an expertly applied triple cap. Although I don’t generally smoke cigars of this size, I was anxious to fire this cigar up considering how much I have enjoyed the Alec Bradley Tempus.

Overall I would have to say the SCR was a pleasant smoking experience, however, I look forward to trying it in a smaller size. The cigar burned fairly slowly despite a rather easy draw. The flavors were nice, but I really think things would have been more interesting if I had been smoking the 5.5 x 42 Corona. I’d recommend you give this cigar a try, but I might think twice about picking up the Gran Robusto.

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Nice review! I had one of these exact sizes the other day and I did not think it was worth the price. I dont know if I am expecting too much, but it just didnt live up to my expectations. I DO enjoy the 60 ring gauges, but this one just wasnt all that.


I got your Jaw Breaker right here! Just kinding Chris, I agree. I used to think the bigger the better, but now I judge as many cigars on the robusto size or toro.. But that is what I like, and like you say Its what every smoker prefers. Blaze on!

Great review. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about that “fair farm” smell. The Te-amo NY NY had the same pre-light aroma. Reminds me of a drive in the country. Love that smell (in moderation). Haven’t tried these yet but I’m a loyal Alec Bradley fan. BTW, I like how you do the cigar burn montage at the beginning of the reviews. Keep up the reviews!

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