First Impressions: Nick’s Sticks

The other night Brian and I went to our local Tinderbox to pick up a few sticks and watch the U.S. Open. There were quite a few new cigars in the humidor, but one of the sticks that rally caught our eye was the latest offering from Perdomo, the Nick’s Sticks. Not only did these cigars look good but they also came in at under $4 for a robusto. I did a quick google search to find some infomation on these sticks and found out that Nick Perdomo produced Nick’s Sticks in his early years and only sold them in small part of Florida. The Nick’s Sticks are available with 3 differnt wrappers (Maduro, Sun Grown and Connecticut Shade) and 4 vitolas (Robusto, Toro, Torpedo and Chuchill). After we left the shop we decided to record this video and give you our first impression of this revived brand.

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Sounds like I need to pick up some of them Nick’s Sticks.

Argh! Canna watch yet — will return. One question though: do you enjoy… soccer? I would think a ‘gar would be much more exciting than non-American (but not UN-American) football.

Just sayin’; not tryin’ to oh-fend.

Thanks to Chris and Brian for the review. As a fan of most Perdomo smokes, I’ll definitely give Nick’s Sticks a try.

Great review! Will need to give these a try soon.

A value priced stick from a company whose entire line is already practically “value priced?” Awesome! Looking forward to trying these…a high-quality cigar at almost a bundle price!

Habano Maduro is amazing. I accidentally had one when the cigars shop near me was hosting Nick Perdomo the next night and they had laid all cigars out right up front of the store. One of Perdomo’s guys where there and said hey try this newer cigar by Nick. My buddy and i were blown away, i went back and bought a box. I have yet to find a perdomo that was disappointing… Thanks for the review.

Ach! Now I’m at home and STILL no feed!

They sound great, I hope my local shop gets a few boxes in.
I really haven’t had a bad Perdomo…I feel they are all enjoyable…wait I take that back, the Perdomo fresco was a piece of shit

Sounds like a very good stick for a great price.I will give them a try.As always, great review guys.

Morning roll call! Still haven’t gotten to see the actual vid. You guys ever consider a bullet-point synopsis?

[…] Chris from Nice Tight Ash takes a look at Nick’s Sticks from Nick Perdomo. Toast it here. […]

You make them sound like a great value. I might try one even if Perdomo isn’t on my hot list.


– Good Cigars
– Try them!

Two comments are better than one. I’ve enjoyed the review. I’m looking forward to you next review.

Nice review Brian and Chris. These sticks sound like they’re good sticks (pun intended, lol). I’ll have to see where to find a five pack of the maduro and the sun grown. Keep on smoking guys and keep the reviews coming.

LOL Brian

dj – it has to be on your end, everything works fine here in IE, Firefox, and Chrome

Shhh! I’m blocked at woik; dunno the issue at home… Will try again later today. Thanks for responding!

Generally I’m a fan of Perdomo cigars, been on a bit of a Grand Cru kick lately, especially the Corojos.

Maduro sounds quite tasty and for the price a good stick.

So many cigars to try…

Thanks for the review!

Great review! Keep up the great work!

These days, the only smoke I like better than Nick’s Sticks are Rocky Patel Lanceros; for the money, these are very hard to beat.

I picked up a connecticut wrapper today when I was at my local B&M looking for a nice mild daytime smoke. I’ve been trying different sticks, and this was recommended by the owner. I’m smoking it now, and of course I had to come here and see if you guys had reviewed them yet, and of course you have! I have to agree that the taste and performance of the cigar far exceeds the price point. I’ll definitely be buying more, and will be trying the other versions as well.

[…] Re: Nick's Sticks? They're good for the price. Probably the best sub-$4 (B&M price) stick I've had. I've never had the Churchill, though. I've also never had the maduro, but I hear it's the best of the wrapper selections. It's a blend that Nick Perdomo sold locally when he was in Miami. He brought the blend back and decided to market it nationally. There's a review here: First Impressions: Nick’s Sticks […]

Right on the money gents! Smoking a Connecticut wrapper now, and it is everything you guys said they were! Nice job, look forward to watching more reviews.

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