Flor De Las Antillas by My Father Cigars

My Father Cigars recently released a new cigar to thier always extending cigar line. The Flor De Las Antillas is the new creation from My Father Cigars. “The name was chosen to honor Cuba, which has always been referred to as the flower of the Antilles” The cigar was blended to complete thier profile of cigars, being a more of a medium bodied smoke and to celebrate their Cuban heritage.

Size: 5×50 Box Pressed Robusto
Wrapper: Sun Grown Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Cost: $6.29
Source: Purchased from:Cigar Earth

First Looks: Going back to their Cuban heritage, they start the cigar off with a nicely deeply applied triple cap that tops off a dark brown Sun Grown wrapper leaf from the Namanji Region of Esteli Nicaragua. The feel to the cigar is slightly soft and spongy feal to it, but doesn’t throw up any red flags at me as far as construction issues. But there are no clear bunching issues via hard or soft spots.

The first few draws are of a creamy, yet slightly spicy, with a small undertone of a sweetness taste. Proceeding into the the cigar, I start getting nice notes of coffee with the same creamy notes still as before. I like the feel of a box pressed cigar, but never liked how the burn can be uneven from them. This box press is a slightly rounded press to it, so maybe this will stop any burn issues. Each draw starts slightly spicy, coffee, then slightly sweet notes that fade off nicely. Working out of the first third of the cigar, the spicy notes are short lived and the coffee tones are staring to take over along with some creaminess. The room note of the huge amounts of smoke is very nice and welcomed.

The more I progressed into the cigar, the spice seems to ease off slightly, but still maintaining the coffee and cream notes as before. I had no complaints about this cigar until about the half way into it. The flavors, draw, and burn were very nice, but when I removed the label was the issue. When I did, a piece of the wrapper came with it. Now, its not a big complaint; I understand cigars are hand made and maybe somebody at the factory got a little over zealous with the band glue that day; no big deal. The missing piece didn’t seem to majorly affect the burn or draw.

Proceeding past the halfway point, the smoke got even less spicy and more creamy and coffee notes. the ash holds for about 3/4 to 1″ and is a dark flaky gray ash, with nice ash rings to it. But the inside ash color is a nice shade of an off white, which I found kind of interesting. The burn did get a little wavy towards the end, but I wasn’t rotating it as much as I should have been. But, the rounded off box press helped the burn I do believe; it could have gotten alot worse.

Overall, a really nice medium-full bodied smoke. Great draw and for a box press, the burn was fairly ok. It starts off a little spicy with coffee and creamy notes. Then the spice fades off and swaps places with the coffee and lets the coffee be the key player in flavors. At the nub, the spice is almost completely gone out of the smoke all together and slightly bitter, but buttery coffee notes are all thats left. The bitter coffee, more than likely comes from the heat; I smoked this cigar until my fingers got too hot to handle the cigar.

Final Thoughts: If you like coffee, creamy notes with a spice thats not overpowering (and eases off nicely), then this cigar is definitely worth you to try. The cigar is well worth the price of less than $7. I would consider the My Father Flor De Las Antillas a 5pk, if not box worthy! I would like to try this cigar paired up with an Irish Coffee, if not just a plain cup of black dark roasted coffee.

Nothing beats a nice tight ash!

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Great review, I agree completely, I’ll be picking up a box myself soon.

I’ve had two now with wrapper issues. One peeled off a big chunk when I cut it, and another, like you, when I removed the wrapper. Not what I’ve come to expect from My Father.


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