Fuente Fuente Opus X Perfexion No. 5

I recently received a package from Cigars Direct with a few cigars for me to review. One of which I was pretty eager to fire up. Now I’ve had plenty of Opus X over the years, but I always feel a sense of excitement when I pick up a new batch plus I couldn’t recall having this particular size.

Name: Fuente Fuente Opus X Perfexion No. 5
Company: Aurturo Fuente
Made in: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Rosado, Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: Price varies depending on retailer
Comes in: Box of 42
Vitola: (4 7/8″ X 40)


The Opus X No. 5 had a medium brown wrapper with a very delicate vein structure. The texture of the wrapper was smooth with little indication of any oils. There wasn’t a tremendous amount of aroma coming off the wrapper but I could pick up a slight woodiness along with a traditional tobacco aroma. With respect to the construction, it couldn’t get much better than this. The cigar felt evenly packed, the wrapper seams are barely visible and the wrapper appeared nearly flawless. Only the slightest discoloration was visible. I gave the head a quick clip and began taking a few pre-light draws. The draw was perfect with just the right amount of resistance. Now I have a hard time describing the pre-light flavor. I picked up on a slight pepper sensation on the tip of my tongue, but the rest of it reminded me of baked goods for some reason. Can’t pinpoint why, but that’s what I was tasting this day.

First Third

Once I lit the cigar I instantly picked up on a mixture of hay and wood flavors. There was some black pepper through the retro-hale. This combination of flavors was nice and had a dry, almost red wine, finish on the palate. Further into the first third I could begin to pick up some sweetness which I think was a byproduct of the hay. Throughout the first third the cigar burned and drew well. The cigar produced tons to thick yellowish smoke that quickly rose to the ceiling of my garage.

Second Third

Smoking my way into the second third I can really begin to sense the black pepper on my tongue as it mellows through the retro-hale. The smoke begins to take on a leathery texture and the hay flavors transform into more of a nuttiness. Also during the second third I’d say the Opus X transforms from a medium bodied cigar into a full bodied smoke. The ash does not fall until the first half of the cigar is smoked, which to me means this cigar was expertly constructed.

Final Third

In the final third of this cigar I didn’t not any significant change. With that said I enjoyed this cigar right down to the nub which was difficult to hold onto.

Final Thoughts

For me an Opus X is always a treat. Some are better than others, and I’d have to say this wasn’t my favorite Opus X. However, it was still a very enjoyable cigar that quickly made me put away the trouble of my day and forced a sense of relaxation that only a good cigar can provide. And to me that’s what it’s all about. Cigars are often refered to as mini vacations, and in the case of this Opus X No. 5 I think that’s the perfect description.

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Havent tried an opus yet…to expense for the small sizes my shop has in. Was thinking about getting the CRA sampler with the Forbidden X…anybody tried one?

About 2 years ago a friend of mine from CigarWorld.com (IronMikeCW) was learnin’ me about how to improve my cigar palette. I had heard a great deal about how incredible the Opus X line was, but still being relatively new to cigars, I didn’t think I could afford one and I didn’t think I could handle its strength. But I told him it was on my “Bucket List”. Couple of weeks later, he “bombs” me with one of these smaller ones, and tells me to save it for a special occasion – “dreams do come true”.

Anyway, I finally sat back and enjoyed this cigar a few months ago when I landed my “dream job”. And it was incredible! It could have been the moment, the cigar, the company, the celebration, … or likely, the combination of all of these. But I look forward to another opportunity to celebrate with one of these Opus X cigars!

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