G. A. R. Robusto Grande

GAR Robusto Grande
This week, I’m reviewing the GAR robusto grande made by George A. Rico. George is well known for blending the Gran Habanos cigars as well as the famed 3 Siglos. These cigars are made in Danli, Honduras with Ecuadorian corojo wrapper, Ecuadorian Connecticut binder and blend of Nicaraguan filler. This cigar was very generously gifted to me from @BradInBuffalo on Twitter after I mentioned how I’ve wanted to try one. These cigars come in 4 sizes:

Let’s see how it smokes


The cigar has a nice Spanish box press to the cigar. The cigars wrapper is a medium brown with a toothy appearance. No large veins and the cap is well wrapped. This is a well constructed cigar.
GAR Robusto Grande - Appearance

Pre-Light Aroma

The cigar has a very good draw. The flavors the draw has notes of earth and cinnamon. The foot has a much woodier aroma. This profile is pretty exciting to me. I’m expecting a lot.

First Third

This cigar doesn’t put off a lot of smoke even with the easy draw. It has a strong wood notes with a creamy undertone. There is a hint of the cinnamon in the background. The retrohale has a milder wood note with some nutty flavors, but the nutty flavors are not very strong.
GAR Robusto Grande - First Third

Second Third

The wood note is still the most dominate note, but the cinnamon flavor has completely gone, but the nutty flavors have intensified. This cigar has developed a very strong ash. I haven’t tipped off any ash since I first lit the cigar and it shows no signs of falling off. The cigar also has developed a natural tobacco sweetness too.
GAR Robusto Grande - Second Third

Final Third

Not much has changed from the second third. The cigar still has strong woody notes with maybe a hint of coffee. Not much else. There was a slight tear in the wrapper that I didn’t notice at first until the cigar burned to it. The cigar split at that point, but it wasn’t bad and I was able to burn through it.
GAR Robusto Grande - Final Third

Overall impression

This cigar burned really well as you can see by the long ash on the second third photo. The main notes of the cigar were wood, cinnamon, nuts and some coffee. I really enjoyed the flavors and I think George Rico did a fine job with this blend. I like this cigar better than any of the Gran Habanos, even the 3 Siglos. If you haven’t had a chance to try these yet, I suggest you give these a try as I really enjoyed mine.

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Wow – I wished I smoked the GARs you had smoked . . . mine were horrible. Dry and a stale grass taste. The draw was ridicously difficult even after a hole punch or two – almost passed out.

Not sure I’m willing to give these a try again – maybe had too high of expectations.

I actually got some of the NEWER ones that have the bands at the regular place on the cigar rather than the foot and I liked them, but you HAVE to let them rest for a while! I tried one right after I got it and it was awful! If you get the newer ones with the band up on the cigar PLEASE let them rest before trying them! a couple weeks would be good IMHO.


Wow, I didn’t know that. I really enjoyed mine. Its a wood bomb for sure for me. As I was gifted this cigar, I don’t know the age, but if the newer ones have the band up top then this cigar was probably at least a few months old. Maybe that was the difference.

CWS, have you tried any after letting them rest a couple of months?

You should NOT have to rest cigars after you get them before they are considered smokeable, but I’m curious to see if that was CWS’ problem.

I smoked one straight from the shop and the rest sat in my humidor for quite some time.
It could very well be me – taste is so subjective . . . however, the draw issue was prominent in the four that I smoked.
Oh well – would rather try a cigar and not like it then not having tried it at all.


Your comment about taste is spot ON! Just because I like it doesn’t you, or anyone else for that matter, will. Smoke what you like and like what you smoke.

Just out of curiosity, did you use the knife to cut the cigar? My uncle is the only other person I know that does that. Nice review by the way. I haven’t smoked one yet, but it sounds nice.

No, I didn’t, but I have before. That Bark River knife is definitely one that can do it!

Nice review of a nice cigar. I’ve had these and a few boxes of Gran Consul. I’ve had a few tight Consul’s but this robusto has been excellent. I found them very potent, and very consistent through the smoke, which is nice sometimes. The draw and construction of mine were perfect. A very hardy and full flavor, without too being too spicy or overly bitter.
Creamy and full. Smoked one last night to the last inch. Benn having a bit of issues with my usual Padron 3000’s (tunneling, inconsistent draw)
(Mine have all been with the band on the open end.)

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