Gran Habano Azteca Prototype

Today’s review is a little different. This cigar is a prototype cigar for a possible line Gran Habano cigars. Its a medium bodied maduro that they call the Azteca and comes in a 6 x 54 toro size. They asked me to be on a tasting panel to give them feedback on the cigar so they can decide if any tweeks need to be made before they release it. I decided to film my last review sample to give viewers an idea of what is important in prototyping and why its important. I want to thank Gran Habano Cigars for giving me the opportunity.

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Excellent review! Thanks!

Thanks for the insight. I’ve had the #5 Corojo 2002 vintage and it was a very good smoke for pennies. One of the few lower tier cigars (budget wise) that I found flavor and good complexity in.

I will say it’s been a looong time since I’ve gotten excited about something new from Gran Habano…actually it’s been a long time since I even took any notice of GH!!! I’m curious to try this one and see if it’s any better than (1) other GH sticks and (2) other Mexican tobacco-based sticks.

Awww….. you had me goin’ there. *I* thought it looked kinda nice. And the flavors: Light? No problem. Woody? Check! Spice? Check!

Room note: “stinky.” Stinky??? Uh oh…

Oh well…

I’ve not had many GHs – there just seems to be better smokes for the same price. The flavor you were describing doesn’t seem like this is going to compete with a lot of recent releases from other companies like Cain or LFD. I don’t know about this one. . . .


No, and that’s point. There are enough maduro, full ligero smokes that come out. A medium to medium-full smoke with these flavors is welcomed by me. I would like something different than the super powerhouses with bitter flavors. This seems to fit the bill. I would prefer, if I to blend it, a more mocha/chocolate note with maybe some coffee too. To me, that would be a home run with the notes already there.


Its not THAT stinky! Just the cigar type of “stinky” LOL.

There are alot problems in this cigar’s burn, tast and construction as you described in the review. It seems like as same as the others GRAN HABONO line on the market NOW. Aloud The Gracie’s family help them roll-out….

Great review! Seems to be a lot of naysayers here, but I’ve had a lot of really good experiences with Gran Habano cigars.

Thanks for the review, Ben. Very informative as always!

Nice review, good info on why “prototype” cigars exist.

Neat review. I hope when they are released you can do a compare and contrast video on the differences between this prototype and the final product (maybe even more prototypes if they reblend).


I’m really curious to try this stick.

Thanks for the review, not all of us get the privilege to be a taster so thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Nice review Ben. I think a lot of people are curious about this cigar in terms of what blend of tobaccos it has and the price point. I enjoy the GH Connecticut as a morning smoke and also enjoy the Corojo #5 and Habano #3 on occasion especially since they have a great price point. Keep the reviews coming and keep on smoking.

“Cigar type of stinky.” I think I used that phrase to describe my plumber once…

Thanks for the update, Ben!

thats cool to get a hold of a prototype

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