Guest Review: Flor de Gonzalez 90 Miles Toro “ROTT” Review

Ben – Today we have a guest reviewer filling in for us today that many of you have seen on the sight before.  Shawn has done a couple of dual review with me in the past and this is his first, but hopefully not last, written review.  Shawn reviews the new 90 Miles cigar from Flor de Gonzalez.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Shape: Toro
Size: 6 X 52

I got this cigar recently and a few friends have told me it was worth a try. So, I figured I’d go out and grab one and give it a try right of the truck (ROTT) and do a review on it.

This cigar is a nicely constructed cigar with a double cap, medium brown wrapper, with few veins; but no major ones. The cigar is not spongy at all with no hard/soft spots in it. The prelight draw is fairly tight, but not too hard. This could be due to the fact its fresh from a B&M that keeps 70% humidity in their humidor. The prelight draw has no flavors that jump out at me and is really faint. The band is uniquely designed, in the fact it has a Cuban coastline on one side of the band and “The Southern Most Point” on the other. With the 90 Miles in between the two, signifying the distance between the USA and Cuba.

First Third

I get a taste of nutmeg and faint woody notes during the first draws. The cigar reminds me of a Dominican Cigar, but it’s a Nicaraguan. Further into the first third, there are more woody notes with a decent amount of smoke produced. A tight ringed white ash with gray veins running through it. The nutty flavors are getting more predominant  finishing up the first third.

Second Third

The woody earthy tones this cigar gives me, reminds me of the difference between a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate malt. The malty-ness is a good flavor. This is turning out to me a nice medium smoke. The burn is pretty much dead on and the draw is loosening up nicely, but still a little firm. A slight bit of sweetness creeps up on the finish about halfway through the second third. You can see in the ash a color change at it also. From an “off white” to a more “pure white” ash. The second ash held on for a while and made about an inch and a half or more ash, before it fell to my lap.

Final Third

Nice sweet coco flavor erupted on my palate after the ash fell into the final third. This is probably due to the Rosado wrapper. This cigar still reminds me of a Dominican more than a Nicaraguan, not the “pep” of a Nicaraguan it is. Bitter-sweet nutty flavors towards the end with a small purge to keep them on track.  At the end, the sweetness slacked off and more earthy tones become prevalent.

Final Thoughts

This cigar is fairly similar to the Arturo Fuente Spanish Rosado; just not as sweet or powerful. This is my first Flor de Gonzalez and for the cost of $6.75, it’s a pretty good smoke. I think it would go good with a cup of coffee (not too strong though) or a glass of chocolate milk during the middle of the cigar. Definitely worth a try.

“We’re doing this as a tribute to the United States,” said Yadi Gonzalez, president of the company.

You can find Shawn on Twitter at @thebayratt and on many online cigar forums as “thebayratt” like CigarWeekly and Cigar Asylum.

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Hey Shawn!
That’s a nice straightforward review. The pictures make it appear almost “Rustic” did You get that impression from it? Would You characterize it as Mild to Medium? Are there other sizes available? I always like to hear about new cigars, Thanks!



There are four sizes: robusto, toro, Churchill and torpedo. I would say it is mild to medium, but a little more towards the medium side. Nice flavors that are a little different from your “typical” Nicaraguan cigar.

Haven’t had a new guy to kill, errrrr torment, no no….praise, yea praise, in a while!

Nice review, hope to see more from you in the future.

Thanks for the additional info. Great to see Ya on here! I look forward to more of Your reviews!



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