Guest Review: Sultan Robusto

Editor:  Again this week, we have a guest review from Shawn.  This one is a cigar most of you have never heard of or especially seen.  Check it out.

Sultan Robusto

“An Indonesian Puro”

Size: 5×50

Blend: Indonesian Puro from the East Java, Besuki region

Sizes Available: 7×50 Churchill, 5×50 Robusto, & 52×5-3/8″ Signature

Info: & @sultancigar on Twitter

I have never had an Indonesian cigar, let alone a Indonesian Puro. I was given this cigar a little over a year ago by a friend on a cigar forum site to try. I did some research on Sultan and they are made from tobaccos that are aged 5 years, rolled, and then the cigars are aged anywhere from 6 months to a year. The cigars were created in 1990 for diplomatic use in the Sultan’s Palace.

1st Look: A light brown wrapper covers the cigar with a few veins. A nice firm cigar with no soft spots and a nicely applied double cap that allows for a nice cut. Prelight draw is good, a little firm, but good. The draw tastes like stale air with undertones of nuts.

1st Third: The first draw on this cigar screams out coffee! Wow! Not so much the actual taste of coffee, but it smells like a coffee shop or fresh roasted coffee, a very pleasing taste. A fairly nice and strong note of nutty flavors that quickly overwhelm the coffee notes. The nuttiness is fairly creamy and the coffee has faded off almost completely. A nice little flakey ash has formed with a greyish color. Finishing the 1st third, a slight spice has formed that I can taste on the very tip of my tongue. The burn is a little off, but the draw is still doing ok.

2nd Third: I start to smell cedar in the smoke, but taste nuts and wood. The wood taste is of a hardwood, fairly deep and pronounced. A creamy but bitter note comes through. I can’t put my finger on exactly what the flavor is, its a fairly odd flavor never tasted before. The creaminess of the smoke goes back and forth to bitterness. I possibly need to slow down on my time between puffs to offset the bitterness. The burn turns very uneven throughout the middle of the cigar. I tried to adjust it without a lighter touchup.

Final Third: The cigar seems like it kept wanting to go out on me for some reason.But it is still smoking ok. Still has major burn issues, so I had to eventually touch it up with my lighter. The woody and nutty notes stay throughout the cigar. I was hoping the strong coffee note would be more in the cigar, but it faded off quickly back in the first 1/2″. The wood notes were not bad, but the coffee would have been a lot better in my opinion. Not as complex as I thought this cigar would be. The cigar eventually went out on me and I had to relight it. It may have not had very good air/humidity flow to it in the humidor, but cigars are hand made, so it could have been bunched tighter on that one side of the cigar. Once I relit the cigar, I notice that cedar smell in the smoke, but I don’t taste it one bit in the cigar. I find that fairly odd and interesting how you can smell it, but not taste it. A hint or three of cedar would liven up the cigar and gave it some more complexity, but you can’t always get what you want.

Overall a good medium-medium/full bodied smoke with nice woody and nutty notes. Not overly complex, but a good smoke that is a little different from what I usually smoke. Definitely worth a try.

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Thanks for reviewing this. Have a several of these I’ve been waiting to try. Maybe its time I lit one up.

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