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I’ve seen a few ways here and there where people try to keep track of the cigars that they smoke. From Excel spreadsheets, Phone Apps, to spiral bound notebooks. But none ever seemed to work for me. Either it was too involved to get set up or too complicated, etc.. Recently, I was on twitter talking with a fellow cigar smoker, we usually talk back and forth of what we are smoking, whats new out, and smoking good. Later on twitter, I saw he posted where he had a new site: Humidor Notes I checked out the site and was interested in what I saw. I favorited the tweet so I could come back to the site later. Seeing I favorited the tweet, the owner direct messaged me asking if I’d like to try them out. I gratiously replied “Sure!”. Here is what he sent:

Humidor notes is a pocket sized notebook that you can write down all of your cigar smoking information. The book measures 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ & maybe a 1/4″ thick. I also found out this fits very nicely in a travel humidor, as well as your pocket. Inside when you open it up there is your personal information page. Which is an excellent idea incase you are like me and forget things at your B&M or buddies’ house. There is even a clever place to put your favorite quotes you hear that you wish you could remember the next day. Well you don’t have to remember, all you got to do is look in your Humidor Notes!

The pages face each other and have ample room to write down all of your cigar information. From the Brand name and size, to what the weather was like and what you were eating at the time. This is a very well thought out idea in a small form that travels well. On the side of the notes, there is a place where you can glue dot in the band of the cigar you wrote about. The glue dots are even supplied in an attached envelope on the back page. Which is handy keeping the dots & bands with the book. They really thought of everything when they designed this.

For those new to the cigar enjoyment, or those who have troubles telling a ring gauge or length of a cigar, they even supply a ring gauge tool and ruler on the back page. It shows ring gauges from 38 up to 64rg.

I gave one of thes books to my buddy Joe, who had been using a mini notebook for his cigar records. He said “What a great idea this is. This is alot better than my scribblings”

This is a great idea and glad someone came out with these to simplify your cigar record keepings. A “Made in the USA” product as well!
I plan on using mine to keep track of my better smokes get another book for the “yard gars”. That way I will be reminded of the good smokes and thier attributes so I could possibly find another cigar along the same lines to try.

These are deffinately worth a try if you are looking for an easy and effective way to keep track of your cigar smokings.

Contact Information:
Humidor Notes Online

“Keep on smoking my friends!”

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When I started smoking cigars I had a large, hardbound “cigar journal”. It might be a kick to look through it 15+ years later. I kind of took the journal idea to the extreme and now use WordPress :-)

Holy crap! That is one of the best inventions for us cigar smokers!!! Thanks for posting.

Great idea I keep one for my wine but this seems to have everything you need all in one little book

What an awesome idea! Thanks for taking all those screen shots. This looks like a big time saver. Much nicer and neater than my notebook too, which is what cigar notes deserve!

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