Illusione mk ULTRA

Dion Giolito, owner of Illusione Cigars, seems to have the golden touch with me. He hasn’t made a cigar that I haven’t just loved. Matter of fact, my first cigar review for NTA was the Cruzado Domenicos. Along with the Eperney, each blend has its own unique character all of which I adore. The MKULTRA was somewhat of an anomaly back in the early days of Illusione cigars. Dion released two different blend of the MK original, one of the which was much stronger than the mk we know today. That version was called the MKULTRA. The original, as I remember it, was very well received, but, at the time, wasn’t what Dion was looking for. Fast forward to 2011 and now we have the MKULTRA back! The back story Dion tells about the cigar was it was named after a US military project to make “zombie soldiers” using LSD given to GIs to make them more receptive to subconscious suggestions. So, does the new zombie win or is it a double tap to the brain? Watch the video and find out.

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Never had an Illusione before, will watch the vid later when I get home…thanks for the review.

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