Illusione ~mk~

The Illusione ~mk~ is another creation from Dion Giolito and the Raices Cubanas factory. This corona sized cigar is nicknamed the “Teaching Machine” because Dion believes that this particular vitola is perfect for tasting and appreciating the true beauty of the Nicaraguan tobacco used in the cigar. The ~mk~ is wrapped with a cafe colorado leaf and the other components include first generation Corojo 99 and Criollo 98. You know the deal, I will cut and light this cigar and then let you know what I think.

If you’re interested in finding out what is behind the names of the different vitolas take a look at the Illusione website.

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Nice review. Next time I take a trip to one of the stores 45 minutes or more away, I will have to snag some to try! Just cant find them locally.


Very nice review! It’s my favorite Illusione cigar and one of my favorite cigars of all time. I can’t wait to try the ~mk~ ULTRA which is supposed to be even more powerful.

nice chris!

I still havent had the MK. I have heard great things. I just recently had the Epernay and really loved it. I am just pissed you can only buy boxes of 50. Not that I wouldnt want that many but it is just too expensive.

Hey Chris,

Great review! I couldn’t agree more about the smaller ring gauge cigars…I definitely love the lanceros, coronas, petit coronas, panatelas, etc. Somebody (I forget who) once ventured a theory, that because smaller RG cigars have a higher wrapper to binder/filler ratio, you get more of the wrapper flavours coming through than you would on the large RG cigars. This increased wrapper flavour, means you get a much more complex cigar…and could explain why, as your pallet has matured, you tend to like these type of cigars more. Anyways, keep up the great work, bro!


Good review Chris. I haven’t had the opportunity to sample any of the Illusione lines yet, but I hope to soon. From all the buzz on Twitter and the review sites, I am gonna have to get my hands on one. Thanks

Great review. I love these cigars!

Hey Chris,

Nice work bro!! I’ve loved every Illusione I’ve had the opportunity to light up, favorite is the ~88~. I wish I could say the same as you about enjoying smaller ring gauges, but I dont get to smoke often at all, so when I smoke, I want to have a long smoke. Oh well. Keep up the great work brother, I really like the site!

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