IPCPR 2010 – Show in review

This year makes it 3 RTDA/IPCPR shows I’ve been lucky enough to attend.  Every year I come back with way more knowledge about the industry and a reaffirmation that the cigar reps, owners and other attendees are mi familia.  There is a brotherhood and sisterhood that is bound together by cigars that is really special.  Every booth I visited was like visiting a family member by the way we were received by cigar companies.  Also, this year was especially good because I was able to meet many of my fellow cigar bloggers and other enthusiasts that I talked to almost daily on forums, like CigarWeekly and Cigar Asylum, and Twitter.  The Stogie Review guys and @ChiefHava put on an awesome herf called the Twitter Brother of the Leaf Herf that was spectacular.  They gave away “Press Kits” to the first people to sign up which was loaded with new cigars from the show from many different retailers.  It was one of the highlights of my trip.  Another great thing about the show was the ability to sit and talk to several people like Steve Saka, AJ Fernandez, Avo Uvezian, Frankie Santos, Carlos Diez, Matt Booth, Tracie Southern, Bill Paley, Victoria McKee and the General Cigar crew, Rick Rodriguez, Dion Giolito, Pete Johnson, Jonathan Drew, Carolina Phillips, Patrick Vivalo, Robert Villalobos, Nestor Miranda, Jason Wood, Edward Simon, Andre Farkas, Allan, Ian and Josh from Oliva and many others.  Just in the 10 minutes I got to spend talking with Drew Estates Steve Saka, I felt like I gained years worth of knowledge.  Its exciting to see all the new cigars coming out, at great price points also, for the cigar consumer.  I’ve posted several interviews from IPCPR that give you some great information on the new cigars.  You will see some of these in upcoming reviews so stay tuned.  I created a slide show of the new cigars coming out. Hope you enjoy.

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Nice job Bro! Missed you this year but it was a pleasure to see your slide show.


I hope the IPCPR opens up at least 1 day, or even for 1/2 a day at the end of the show, for the average joe cigar smoker, so they can meet all these amazing cigar people, too.

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