JM’s Dominican Sumatra Toro

JM’s Dominican Cigars produces a good amount of wallet friendly cigars, and hookah products. The JM means John Mahroukian, whom is the father of the founder of the company, Anto Mahroukian. The company was started in the mid 90s and really took shape in 1997 when the Mahroukians bought their factory; basically after the “cigar boom”. This led to them sitting on thousands of cigars that they couldn’t sell. Eventually, they came up with the idea to mass produce and market cigars. Doing so, helped lower the cost to a more cost efficient cigar that the daily cigar smoker could afford.

Eventually, their cigars where everywhere from smoke shops, convenience stores etc… They ended up buying tons of uncured tobacco and a warehouse to cure such tobacco. Then they shut down the original factory and moved the operations to a duty free area of the country to help even more on the cost of production. This plan worked out for the better and their warehouse in Los Angeles, CA distributes to their 1500 to 2000 accounts that are still growing.

JM Sumatra 1

Cigar Stats

Size: 6×50

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: Sumatra

Binder: Cuban Seed Dominican

Filler: Cuban Seed Dominican

Country: Dominican Republic

Price*:  $2.66

JM Surnatra 2

First Looks 

The Sumatra blend of the JM’s Dominican Cigar comes with a lighter brown shade Sumatra wrapper. It has a handful of veins, a few are pretty small while some others not so small. The cigar sports a fairly firm pack to it overall. Nothing too soft, but the whole length of the cigar is fairly firm. The head is a double cap and is no beauty queen, but it gets the job done. The band is a simplistic one. Yellow with black outlining and an outline of the Dominican Republic. The foot has an aroma of light and sweet cinnamon with some hints of straw in the background. A straight cut gives off a milkshake thick draw with some resistance. The cold draw gives off a light straw and even lighter cinnamon notes.

 JM Sumatra Toro 3


The draw was a solid milkshake thick draw that eased up some as the cigar progressed. From a fairly straight burn line comes an off-white ash with a few hints of gray here and there. Seeing this cigar costs less than $3, it produced a fairly tight ash Although they only seemed to hold on for a bit past the one inch mark. Going back to the cost, the construction I would rate well over what you would expect from a $3 cigar. The milkshake thick draw was not much of an issue to me. Many people prefer that type of draw, I didn’t have any objections to it either.

 JM Sumatra 4


First draws of the cigar are of a sweetened, yet light black pepper flavor. There is a very faint and quick chocolate note once into the cigar some. If not paying much attention, it is easily missed. Leaving out of the first third, the black pepper eases up somewhat and the sweetness gains some strength. The sweetness turns more into a graham cracker type sweetness; more of the sweetness that I like.

JM Sumatra Toro 5

The second portion doesn’t see much change in flavors. Yet, there is a nice addition of a cocoa flavor that added to the sweetness in the smoke. The black pepper is still here in the same lesser form as it first started out to be. The sweetness is still hanging in there as it seems to be the key flavor of the cigar. Leaving the middle portion, there is a nice and subtle caramel note that comes into the flavor mix.

The sweetness, caramel and cocoa stays pretty predominant throughout the final portion of the cigar. The black pepper shows up at its lightest form of the whole cigar around the time I pull off the band. The cocoa and pepper are pretty strong on the retrohale and quite surprising as the drawn smoke is of lesser strength. The pepper is almost too much for my nostrils to handle on the retrohale. With about an inch or so left, I get a nice hint of a coffee flavor that I really enjoyed. The last third would be awesomely paired with a cup of imagine this…. Sumatra coffee. I think it would really bring out some of the sweet and coffee notes. The last third turns out to be the grand finale as I enjoy it more than the previous two thirds of the cigar. The sweetness, light caramel & coffee really made for an excellent cigar ending.

 JM Sumatra Toro 6

Final Thoughts

This turned out to be a pretty decent cigar for the $3 price. I figured it to be milder and lesser flavor strength than what it turned out to be. Although it was a no thrills cigar, it was a good base line cigar for a Sumatra blend. It produced thick clouds of cool smoke with a tad bit below medium body. The flavor strength was a tad bit above medium. Had notes of sweetness, black pepper and some coffee. Not very multi-dimensional, and as complex as I had hoped. But did have some pretty good flavors at the end. Had no construction issues throughout the cigar.

It would be a decent yard-gar or a budget morning smoke as you can get a box of 50 for around $90. The cigar had a nice amount of smoke time and would be a good cigar to have out on the golf course to hand out to buddies who don’t usually enjoy cigars. It’s not too strong as far as nicotine, but has strong enough flavors that aren’t too bold or overpowering.  Pairing this with some Sumatra coffee and some of those English Caramel wafers, it would make a pretty good start to an easy going fall weekend.


*This cigar was provided to me, unsolicited, from JM’s Dominican Cigars  for this review. Many thanks to them for the opportunity to review this cigar!

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