Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie

Today Brian and I are firing up the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie. This cigar has actually been in a limited amount of stores for almost a year, but now seems to be creating some buzz. We were able to procure some samples from Drew Estate, the distributor for Joya de Nicaragua, so after smoking through a few it’s time to smoke one more and let you know what we think.

First thing that caught my eye with this cigar is the obvious use of two wrapper leafs. The lighter wrapper, an Ecuadorian Shade, runs the entire length of the cigar. Then a secondary leaf, a Nicaraguan Criollo, tops the cigar from the head down to the band. Secondly, the construction of this cigar appeared to be flawless. Seams were not visible on either wrapper and the cigar was just jam packed full of tobacco. Brian and I had slightly different opinions on the pre-light aroma. Brian picked up on cocoa while I got a bit more of a mocha aroma. Pre-light draw was perfect, but absent of any recognizable flavor.

So watch the video and find out what we thought. Video runs just over 20 minutes, but we had a good time dissecting this cigar… and dealing with a few technical issues.

Name: Cabinetta Serie
Company: Joya de Nicaragua
Made by: Joya de Nicaragua
Made in: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Shade and Nicaraguan Criollo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
MSRP: $6.05
Comes in: Boxes of 24
Vitola: No. 7 Toro(6″ X 50)

Brian’s Impressions

Let me start by saying WOW! Like I say in the video, I usually don’t go over the top to endorse a cigar but this stick, in my personal opinion, is great. The flavors and aromas that you get during this smoking experience stimulate all of the senses from the awesome sweet, floral aromas, the complexity of flavors, the visual appearance, to the feel of the smooth, pristine wrappers.

I absolutely loved the sweetness and light woodiness that provide the base flavors with tinges of sweet spice and cocoa intermingling throughout the smoke. The savory earthiness in the last inch of the cigar is mouthwatering. My only complaint is that there wasn’t more of that. Another half-inch to inch of the Criollo wrapper I think would be great. Construction was great for the most part with nothing that takes away from the experience.

To wrap it up…this is a great smoke for all smokers. Mild and not overpowering for those not looking for that nicotine hit, but full of flavor that any cigar smoker would be able to pick out and enjoy. I highly recommend this stick and if you can find them, the price point is ridiculous. Get Some!

Chris’ Impressions

Like I said in the video, I initially thought that this cigar was gimmicky, but it didn’t take me many puffs to realize that the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie is the real deal. This cigar is loaded with flavor and remains mild to medium in body. I won’t re-hash what Brian said about the overall flavors of this cigar, but I will say that I found the complexity of this cigar to be intoxicating. Although these sticks were slow burners, I found myself taking puffs frequently so I could savor all the flavors.

Regardless of price, I would recommend trying this cigar. But, with the No. 7 coming in at $6.05 I have to say that the Cabinetta Serie is a must try. I did a quick search online and found there is at least one online retailer out there with these cigars. So find that spot, and pick up a handful.

Have you tried the JdN Cabinetta Serie yet?

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Thank you for the review guys. I’m very interested in trying this line myself when I my float is a little higher. Keep up the great work!

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Funny. I just ordered a 6 pack of these 2 days ago and here you are reviewing the cigar. Funny.
I’m glad that I did not waste my money. Looks like you guys enjoyed them.

Sounds like a damn good smoke! Need to put this on the ever-growing wishlist of smokes.

Yep, Billy, I know what you mean: I love it when I find a review of something I own.

Liked the “savory earthiness” note!

I’ve seen several reviews of this stick and and all of them give this stick high marks.Cant wait to get a couple and pair them with some gentlmen jack .Thanks for the two for one review.

The look of this stick is unique and very interesting. I would probably buy one just because it looks unlike anything on the market. I’m hearing from several sources that it tastes great, too, so I’m interested in trying one when I come across them.

This stick has been on my wishlist since I first saw it. What an amazing looking stick and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about it b

After listen you decsribed the cigar favors that I preferred or pair with Rum. You’ll need to do a three-some on a review.

I’ve actually been really impressed with this stick. For me it is a great morning cigar to have with a cup of coffee. The first time I saw it I thought it looked really cool too.

Sounds like a box worthy cigar. Only cigar I’ve seen with a double wrapper like that is from Drew Estate too, the Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche (infused and never had one. I have not seen them at one of my local B&M yet, but I’m hoping they get some. I’ll have ask them about this cigar. Keep the reviews coming guys and keep on smoking.

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great stick to add to my ever-growing wish list!

“Mundane.” Yikes!

“A romantic cigar.” Aw, you guys…

And it got better: Full-flavored but not full-bodied sounds good (I am assuming that translates into lower nic?).

And thanks for the pairing discussion — coffee, bourbon — noting how this is a ‘gar for all occasions.

6 bucks. Hmm…

lol yea “mundane” might have been the wrong choice of words. “Toned down” from the beginnung is probably more like it.

I’ll be honest, I thought this was going to be a gimmick at first. . . but it actually sounds like a good smoke.

Like Jordan, I too thought this smoke a bit gimmicky, but like all releases from quality producers, I’ll have to give it a try at some point. Thanks for the review!

Okay, I am intrigued now. Think I might have to try this one out. Thanks for the review!

Great music! Can’t beat ‘ol blue eyes. Thank you for this review. I want to try these. And LOL on “technical issues”.

I’ve had a couple of these and totally agree with you guys and your review. Maybe that cigar as a barber pole would give you the two wrappers and the combo together may be that much better.

First off, thanks for the review guys. I smoked my first one last night while walking Beale street. I was rather disappointed in it myself. I found it rather bland. I have 5 more to smoke, so they may get a little better with more humi time.

I got a six pack of at Cigar King for $9.99 with a JdN cap thrown in for good measure. I smoked one yesterday. For a milder smoke it was packed with a light black pepper flavor with a buttery cream finish. I’ll buy more.

Great review they have an event going on next month out here in california really looking forward to attending.This cigar sounds awesome.

nice review guys. I missed the sale at cigar king, but I’ll look at my local B&M to see if these are available. Sounds like a great medium bodied smoke, not the powerhouse stuff JdN usually offers.

I’m glad to hear it had some flavor. JdN already has the Clasico and Celebracion in the Medium category, I was worried Drew Estate was pushing them to do a mild cigar or something. I love the Antano 1970 and always like trying JdN products

I agree with most of the comments and the review. Nice stick with coffee in the morning. Hope to get better construction on the next one I smoke.

I’ve enjoyed both the Cabinetta and the Celebracion (here’s a link to my review of the Celebracion –

I found them both complex and interesting, without being over-poweringly strong (the Cabinetta obviously being the milder … and better looking of the two). I also tried to smoke the Cabinetta into the darker portion, and was able to detect a slight difference in flavor.

I would definitely recommend both cigars!

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