June 2010 Contest: Winner Announcement

Well Ladies and Gentlemen another great contest has come to and end here at Nice Tight Ash. It was great reading all your comments, and we certainly look forward to seeing them continue. Big thanks to General Cigar Co. for providing three great prizes. So, without further adieu, here are the winners!

Grand Prize: 1 box of La Gloria Cubana 650 + 1 set of Punch grilling tools: This goes to the 11th comment of the 12th post. Drum roll please… and the winner is T-cigar.

2nd Place prize: 1 set of Punch Grilling tools + a five pack of cigars: This goes to the 3rd comment on the 5th post which was JimK.

3rd Place prize: 1 set of Punch Grilling tools: This goes to the 10th comment on the 11th post which was dj.

If you are a winner we will be contacting you very soon for shipping information. If you’re not a winner, please don’t despair, I’m sure we’ll be organizing another contest soon.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Congrats! Thanks for another great contest.

Nice job! That DJ sure is one lucky dude!

Woo hoo!

Howdy Craig! It’s a passion–but yer right: gotta cut back!

The cigar hobby has all the elements of any guy thing: history, exclusivity, hoarding (collecting), minutiae, trivia, collaboration, camaraderie. Indeed, smokin’ the darn things is almost secondary!

This is a great site–honest reviews, often funny, good guys, good smokes. (Oh, and great contests!)

Thanks for the opportunity–and congrats to the big winners–and, trust me: I’m grateful! Believe it or not I do not have appropriate utensils at this time, and my wife really resents catching me using the “good” utensils over the hibachi…

But back to your comment: yup yup, I’mma gonna make a conscious effort to cut back my cigar-info obsession (and commenting) over this summer…

Hey congrats guys for the awesome winnings… Hope you get time to enjoy them…

Congratulations winners! Please email me your address so I can get the prizes out to you.


Congrats to all the winners.

Do they really need to put a surgeon generals warning on the grilling tools? Really?

Dave: Yah, that’s pretty funny… Although I must say: when grilling, smoking CAN be hazardous! Or at least overdone.

Woo hoo! Rec’d a nice package today in the mail! THANKS!

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