La Aurora Broadway

Recently, New York was hit with a hefty tax of 75% on cigars which really hurt local cigar shops.  This drove up the price of cigars drastically and pushed many cigar smokers to buy their cigars online or from catalogs instead of their local shops.  Because of this, La Aurora decided to bring out a cigar with an affordable New York City price with the tax already built into the price of $12.25.  This cigar is only available in New York and is only availabe in one size, Sumo Toro (5 3/4 x 54).

How does this cigar fair?  Its it the star of the show or just an understudy?  Watch the video and find out.

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I tend to really enjoy La Aurora cigars, and it sounds like I’d really enjoy this one as well with that bit of spicy kick towards the end. I also love the idea of trying to get that tax incorporated into the price to help out the shops.

This sounds like a great smoke, I really love the complexities that La Aurora packs into their cigars. The cigar taxes in NY are atrocious I wasn’t happy but ok with paying 46% tax but when they upped it I had to drop my membership at the cigar shop I frequented and vowed to not buy any cigars in this state as long as the tax was in place. I know it only hurts the B&M but the local shops didn’t do anything to try to fight it so I don’t feel so bad for them. Ben i’m really digging the production value of your reviews, keep up the good work!

Hey Ben,

First off I loved the tie in with the George Benson Music, that’s a nice touch. :)

I had heard about the Huge NY Taxes, what a shame it is, that one small group getting penalised like that. First You have to Hunt for a place Where You Can smoke Then pay through the nose for every stick. That’s got to be extremely onerous on the local B & Ms. It sounds like a great gesture by La Aurora, kudos to them for doing that. Finally, it sounds like an interesting Blend as well. Thanks for the review on it. I doubt the rank and file smoker would get to hear about it otherwise.


Ben really dig the review as always. I had this stick and really enjoyed it especially living in NY it helps out the local B&M.

First off… great site fellas! As disgusting as 75% tobacco tax sounds, it’s practically a part of daily life for us Canadians. You guys still enjoy great cigar prices over us! On that note….I’m always a sucker for a cigar that’s limited, exclusive to one region, B&M only, etc…. Does anyone know how long the ‘Broadway’ is going to be available? Does anyone with an extra ‘Broadway’ or two want to entertain a trade with a Canadian BOTL? Cheers, and keep up the nice work on the site!

thanks for your review !!!!!!!
i will check it out

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