La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinets

This review comes to you courtesy of a request from Mike at Stogie Review. He was curious to hear my thoughts on this cigar, so I thought I’d fulfill his wish. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve always enjoyed the LFD Cameroon Cabinets, so I figured this review would be a simple one. But to add a little spice to the review I decided to sample the Cameroon Cabinet Lonsdale, which I had never tried before.

Name: Cameroon Cabinets
Company: La Flor Dominicana
Made in: Tabacalera La Flor S.A. (Dominican Republic)
Wrapper: Ligero Cameroon
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua
Price: $8.50 per stick
Comes in: Boxes of 50
Vitola: Lonsdale (6 1/2″ X 44)

This long and slender stick is a dark leathery brown color. The wrapper has an oily appearance, however, I don’t feel many oils on he wrapper. Instead, the wrapper has a slightly rough texture that is mildly reminiscent of a fine grit sand paper. The cigar feels uniform throughout and the seams are difficult to detect. The pre light aroma is light but I could detect hints of wood and cocoa. I sniped the end and took a few pre-light draws. The draw was a bit tight, and I was unable to pick up on any flavors.

As soon as I set fire to the foot of the LFD Cameroon Cabinet my mouth and nose was filled with bold black pepper notes. The pepper really became the dominant flavor for the first few puffs, but as soon as I got 1/4 inch into the cigar the true complexity of this cigar became more obvious. I began to pick up on a variety of flavors including leather, hay, earth and chocolate/cocoa. All of this flavors intermingled with every draw with the chocolate/cocoa being the finishing note. Now, I’ve tasted chocolate in a cigar before, but never quite like this. The LFD Cameroon Cabinet might possibly have the truest chocolate flavor that I can ever recall sensing. These flavors remained consistent throughout the entire smoke, but they never got old. The complexity of flavors was so great that no significant change was need at the halfway point.

As if the the cornucopia of flavor wasn’t enough this cigar performed like a champ. What I thought was a tight pre-light draw turned out to be absolutely perfect. Copious amounts of smoke poured from this cigar as the it burned evenly from beginning to end. The first ash held for almost 3 inches, with each subsequent ash falling about every 1 inch. All in all, there was nothing to complain about. I was able to sit back, relax and focus on nothing but my enjoyment of the cigar.

I used to routinely smoke the Cameroon Cabinet Robustos, but I think I found a a new favorite. This Lonsdale was enjoyable from the first draw and provided enough enjoyment that I burned my fingers trying to nub the cigar. I’d highly recommend trying this cigar if you’re looking for a full-bodied cigar with plenty of spice and complexity. In my book this cigar is well worth a box purchase even at the $8.50 price point. But if a box of 50 isn’t in your budget, then I’d say you have to pick up as many as you’re wallet/purse will allow.

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Thanx for the request fulfillment :)

I have had the robusto size a couple times, price is a factor in getting these (locally I paid around $11 or $12 for the ones i had :( ), and I never thought they were full bodied. I may have to give the other sizes a shot to see if there is a difference for me.

Great review!


I absolutely love these LFDCC and the No. 1 (lonsdale) is my favorite of the line. To me they would be what I would call a med-full body cigar. Your description of the flavors and complexity is spot on and the reason I love these cigars. Never had a No. 5 (robusto) but I’ve had many No. 4 and Torps and enjoy them very much also. These are a bit pricey but well worth it in my opinion. Excellent review on a great cigar!


This is a great cigar that I was gifted at a fundraiser. But where the heck can you buy them do you know of anyone that carries it va the internet? I am based in Chicago if you know of a B&M that carries it.

Thank you for the assistance.


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