New Ash: Liga Privada T52

In 2007 Drew Estate introduced the Liga Privada No. 9, which is the personal cigar of President Steve Saka. Now two years later an extension of the Liga Privada Line has been introduced. The Liga Privada T52 debuted at the 2009 IPCPR Trade Show and has been described as a stronger and more full-bodied version of the original No. 9.

The T52 is cloaked in a Stalk-Cut Habano wrapper and Brazilian Mata Fina binder. The filler is comprised of a variety of tobacco from 7 different regions.

I generally prefer full-bodied and flavorful cigars and absolutely love the Liga Privada No. 9. So it’s time to cut and light this stick and see how it smokes.

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So if I understand correctly. You hate this cigar! ;-) and we should stay away.

Awesome review!

Cigar seems like a winner, but with it being Full bodied, does it kill you with nicotine also, or is it a smoother full bodied cigar? Might try and get some if they are smoother rather than power hungry.

I like the first impressions reviews, but I think at some point down the road you should do a follow up segment after smoking a few more. Even if it is only 2 minutes long or just something written!


Holy heck Chris, your review makes me actually want to spend the $242 for a box of these. I loved the regular Liga Privada #9. It sounds like I may like this one even more. I’m a sucker for flavorful full bodied cigars. I’m seriously thinking about dropping the money and getting a box.

I have been waiting for a review of this cigar ever since I saw pictures of it from IPCPR. Now I want one even more. Nice job.Thank you very much.

Looks like a great cigar. I find it tough tracking down good full-bodied cigars. Although I must say I’d prefer something a few bucks cheaper. Great review, thanks!

Great review. Huge fan of the LP#9, and cant wait to try this.

Also – think the “1st impression” reviews are a nice change of pace – especially for new releases. So many of the reviews out there seem so scripted because the reviewer has smoked several and the opinions are already formed.

Keep up the great work.

Damn Chris, that T52 sounds like a hell of a cigar bro! I actually thought you were going to start crying tears of joy at one point! LOL.

I have to agree with the others, a first impressions video every now and then, would be a welcome change of pace. I think we put so much emphasis on the consistency of a cigar, that we sometimes forget how important our first impressions can be. If your first experience with a cigar is a bad one, it can negatively affect subsequent experiences with that cigar and even the brand itself.

Really nice video!
I have tried Liga Privada No. 9 and pleased to hear that it was used by president.Its taste is quite good and found it quite similar to habanos

Just doing a little web surfing and I came across this – wow! Should I just wire you your payment?

Couple of quick info/corrections for everyone’s benefit:

1. The toro is only available currently in boxes of 24 – we do not have a 48-ct box of these.

2. The filler blend is 5 tobaccos, in all with the capote and capa there are the 7 tobaccos.

Fyi, it is a very thick habano wrapper and it really took us an awful lot of time to get the burn right. Wrappers like these often burn really crooked and/or the cigar will constantly go out.

Imo, your tasting notes are dead – it is spicier, more peppery, leathery – really you nailed it – as is my personal desire with both the LP blends, I wanted both to be full bodied BUT not punishing. For me balance and smoothness are critical.

As for whether the No. 9 or T52 is better, well that is like asking a dad which of his two sons he loves the best… the T52 is more cubanesque, stronger, more peppery, but with a nutty nuance, the No. 9 is naturally sweeter, earthier with more of an espresso undertone.

We really appreciate the great review and it makes me smile to know that the cigar did not disappoint you. Thanks.

However, one small issue – I would ask that people please -not- buy a whole box until they have tried a couple. Yes, it does our bank account good when you do buy a whole box, but I would really hate for someone to spend $200+ and end up with a cigar that isn’t right for them. Cigars are very personal, so please try them first – thanks.

And Chris, thanks for the wonderful review! Would you please do me the courtesy of emailing me your snail mail as I want to sent you another Liga Privada called the “dirty rat”. It is a specially crafted, stand alone blend, super spicy corona that Nick and I have been smoking for the last year or so. It would be my honor to send you a few.


Steve Saka
President, Drew Estate, Inc.

Um… I meant your tasting notes were dead ON… lol :>

I need to go home and get some sleep…


I’m surprised you got spice, I thought it was a really smooth medium-full cigar. I got a little spice towards the end. My first impression: The wrapper is one of the oiliest I have seen, gorgeous wrapper, completely sold me. Burn had resistance and required more puffs than ever 45 seconds or so, great draw overall, produced a nice amount o smoke and great amount of flavor. It last me over 3 hours, and I agree it’s a super smokey cigar. I wish I would have gotten the spice though.

T52<$175 per box if looking in right place….

excellent cigar!!! i have never really smoke anything from
Drew Estate…but this Liga Privada T-52 is a delicious cigar…WOW..beautiful wrapper..your review is dead on man!
cant wait to smoke many,many, more…also cant wait to smoke the no.9

thanks Steve Saka & Drew Estate for your hard work & dedication!!!


I would agree with the others. The T-52 is a fantastic cigar! I found the review to be spot on. I also enjoy the bellows of smoke it produces throughout the experience. It is an absolute flavor bomb!

Great review. The T52 is definitely on my radar. I really like the “first impressions” review.

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