Macanudo Cru Royale Toro

Last year, during IPCPR in New Orleans, General Cigars released a new line in the Macanudo house.  Named Cru Royale (Royal Vintage), it was blended by the famous master blender Benji Menendez.  Its a departure from the traditional Macanudo lines much like the 1968.  Its a medium bodied smoke with rich, full flavor.  I had a few while at the show, but my palate was decimated from all the cigars I smoked at the show, I wasn’t really able to dissect it much.  I remembered it was good, but not much else.  Luckily, I was sent samples from General Cigars to review.  I’m not a fan of the Macanudo line except the 1968, so I was still a bit skeptical about the cigar.  Helping me review again is my friend, Shawn (thebayratt) to give you another view of the cigar.  So how did the new Macanudo fair?  Watch the video and find out.

PS – There is a contest in the review to win a fiver of these cigars.

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A great review Ben’s. The Spring of 93 was my first cigar experiences. The cigar name was The ROMEO Y JULIETA RESERVA REAL Robusto Size. I did inhale the cigar a few times. my face did turns white but I enjoyed the nicatine rush. As I enjoyed the cigar alot more with less inhale and more bluffs.

Nice review guys…My first was back around 92 and was a Rosa Cuba Robusto.

Nice Review guys, I havent had a chance to try one of these yet. My first cigar was a Blender’s gold from a walgree, i’ve came a long way since then. keep up the reviews!

My first would probably have been a RyJ tubo back in ’95, not sure which one. I was a busboy at this upscale restaurant and use to snag one every night before getting off work.

Nice work guys. I actually enjoy that stick quite a bit, I’ve had about 10 of the robustos and have no complaints about the smokes. My first smoke was a couple years ago I smoked a bunch of Montecristo #4’s on vacation in St. Maarten.

Another great review! Hey, Shawn!
I just tried these in the Lonsdale size and agree with much of what You experienced. I did find the cigars that I had were well mannered and maybe more balanced than the Toros. I too was pleasantly surprised by them. I liked the “This is not Your Fathers Macanudo” references, they should advertise them like that. :) Let see First cigar….Dunhill Altimares Tubo. Horrible cigar, not because of the cigar, but because of the knucklehead whom bought it had opened it and inspected it, several times over several months, before smoking it. (ie I ruined it)The Shop Owner is whom I credit with my smoking career. He refused to refund my money, but instead, loaned me a copy of Perlman’s Guide to Fine Cigars. He let me read it and learn for myself, that I was the doofus that completely ruined my cigar. Then when I came back embarrassed He gave me a couple of Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduros to try and so began my Journey into Fine Handrolled Cigars and the rest is History.


Nice review Ben. I honestly do not remember what my first cigar was, but a Macanudo must have been among the first. I do remember my fist Macanudo was a Hyde Park and was probably made in Jamaica (I had it years ago). I’ve stayed away from the brand since I mostly gravitate towards the medium to full cigars, but I’ve been interested in trying the 1968 and Cru Royale. Keep on smoking.

Nice review Ben. Just don’t let the Daleks hear that ring tone. My first cigar where White Owls way back when in the early 90s. My hand rolled where Hoyo de Monterey Super Hoyos.

Thanks guys! My first was a Oliva V lancero. Only recently started smoking.

Great review as always. My first cigar was a Padron 1964. I was hooked since.

Andy K,

You get a five pack from me for recognizing that ring tone! Email me your address!

Ben AT

Can’t beat the video reviews. Well done. My first cigar was an EO 601 box pressed maduro. Started my love for maduros.

Nice review fella’s..
My first cigar was an A. Fuente 8-5-8 Candela Lonsdale. This cigars color just lured me in, I like green. It was not memorable for me but it was rather mild and introduced me to the world of cigars. I probably won’t try it again. The very next cigar I grabbed was at my local B&M at a 262 Event in Lynchburg VA. The 262 Paradigm Box-Pressed Toro.. That is my first real memorable smoke..

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