Marco V Brazilian Grand Reserve

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To finish off the Marco V line of smokes, today I have the Brazilian Grand Reserve. The Brazilian is touted as Marco V’s fullest in the line while the Dom Grand Reserve is their mild bodied smoke and the Platinum Grand Reserve is in the medium realm. You may recall my previous reviews and note that I am pretty much in agreement with where they place these sticks. The Brazilian uses the same Maduro Arapiraca wrapper and Dominican binder as the Platinum but tweaks the filler blend a bit adding some tobaccos from Mata Norte, Brazil while removing the Nicaraguan Ligero. As you know by now my preferences fall in the full bodied realm so I was thoroughly looking forward to this stick as I enjoyed the first 2 blends.

My frustrations continue with my new video equipment but the review is all there in a compressed format. I am also throwing in a brief written review after the video if you are looking for more.

Marco V Brazilian Grand Reserve from Nice Tight Ash on Vimeo.

Pre-Light: This is a solid looking and feeling stick. Just enough give with no softspots whatsoever. Aroma of an earthy tobacco is prominent.

Construction: The Construction of the stick is excellent. Epecially through the first 2 thirds. The ash was tight and compact and held on for the entire 1st and 2nd thirds (approx. 3”). It was very impressive. The ash was a little flaky in the last third after the first ash had fallen off. The burn was near perfect throughout requiring no special attention. The draw was excellent with just enough resistance (which seems to be difficult with a cigar of this ring gauge).

Flavors: The flavors in the first third were good but minimal. I wasn’t getting a ton of rich flavor and had to really concentrate to pull anything but pepper spice from the smoke. There was a definite oaky component to the stick at this point. The aforementioned spice was excellent however. Great through the retrohale and just enough on the back of the palate to be enjoyable but not harsh. The flavors really came alive in the 2nd third and stayed pretty consistent throughout the second and most of the last thirds. That oaky/woodsiness became very rich and deep and was a wonderful flavor. A back drop of tobacco earth was also prevalent during this stage. These flavors along with the black pepper spice that stayed consistent throughout the entire smoke made for a really enjoyable experience. The flavors worked so well together and were so rich that I really got into the stick at this point. As I finished off the stick, the smoke became very airy and the flavors dissipated as I approached the nub. While I would have loved the flavors to continue, this wasn’t a huge deal as I was getting to the end and had enjoyed this smoke for just over an hour and a half.

Body: The body of this stick was high side of medium – low side of full at best. It wasn’t as full as I was expecting and I am not sure it was much more full bodied than the Platinum Grand Reserve.

Overall this was a fine stick and one that I would love to smoke again. It was my favorite of the 3 blends although the Platinum is very close. I would highly recommend that anyone who has a chance to grab some of these that they do.

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Ok, dock this guys pay and make him sit in the corner – LOL

EVERYBODY has growing pains with new equipment purchases!!! Dont feel bad man!

I have smoked a few of the Marco V and I think they are OK but nothing special. I think if I would find them locally or online at retailers, I might buy a 5 pack or so to keep on hand, but buying direct from the manufacturer just sux for me – unless they offer free shipping on everything!


let me add to my comments – I only ever had 1 Brazilian and cant really remember it too well. My comments were mainly for the Platinum Grand Reserve. I guess I should not put ALL of Marco V cigars into a comment on a specific cigar, so shoot me :p .


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