Meet the Ash-holes: Shawn

About Me:
I’m 30 years old, enganged, with a 6month old daughter (Satori Leianna). Those two mean the world to me and guide me along the way. I am the Delivery Manager at a local Lowe’s where I have been for almost 10 years now. I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts & Design and have done some work on a few web pages. I am an “outdoorsy” type of person and am very hands-on. I like to build things and fiddle around the yard and under the carport working on my next gadget. One day, I hope to build my own walk-in humidor/smokeroom in my house (we all have our high hopes and expectations!).

I have lived in the Deep South of Mississippi all my life. Therefore, fishing, hunting, and drinking good (and sometimes not-so-good) libations is in my DNA. I’ve always hunted with my Dad, fished, smoke cigars, and enjoyed a few good drinks with my buddies.
I enjoy watching the Braves, Saints (since the brown paper bag days), and MS State Bulldogs. Nothing beats relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon watching the Braves, having a cigar, and just relaxing!

Cigar History:
I’ve been smoking cigars for about 12 years or so, but really getting into them and actually enjoying them within the last 4 years or so. I started with a smoke here or there after I graduated highschool with friends. I didn’t know how to cut the head, how to light it, or not to inhale. It was quite an experience, but I made it past all that eventually. I took a rest on the cigar smoking, but still looked at them here and there for a few years.
About four years ago I was at a local mall and peeked into the Tinderbox window and thought to myself, “Lets get a nice cigar for that bbq next week.” And it was all down hill from there! I smoked a mix of “infused” and “traditional” cigars that quickly mainlined to traditionals. Then, cigars to me was a once a week treat. Bought a small 25ct humidor. That progressed to “I would like a treat everyday” as I had grown fond of the cigar hobby and own multiple humidors, wineador, and cooler. I’ve progressed from mild to medium to full bodied cigars. Now I find myself not caring upon what the body is and going more towards the flavor. The more flavors and complexidty there is the more I seem to like the cigar. At times its difficult for me to distinguish what a particular flavor is, so bare with me at times.
I dabble here and there with a Pipe, but not all that good at it, but I’m getting better at it and enjoy it more during the colder months. So I am looking forward to the cooler months.

I thought I knew a decent amount of cigars and didn’t know a whole lot about the “boutique” cigars; I just stuck with the General and Altadis lines, until I met Ben. He opened my eyes to whole new world of cigars aside from the main cigar companies and has really helped me along the way.

Favorite Cigars: Tatuaje, Viaje, 262, Punch, Kristoff, Illusione Maduros, La Aurora, Nestor Miranda, etc…

Twitter: @thebayratt

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