Montana Azul Torpedo

Back in 2010 I was at the IPCPR Trade show in New Orleans, LA and was handed a few of these cigars. I set them with the rest of the samples into my humidor and quite frankly forgot about them. I kept seeing them peek out in the humidor and thought to myself “I haven’t tried one of them, nor have I ever seen anything on them”. So I figured to try it and let ya’ll know what I thought of it.
This is from Blue Mountain Cigars from Esteli Nicaragua. Blue Mountain Cigars have been in the cigar business since early 1995. Ran by Marvin Wright and his Jacqueline, Marvin has a history of tobacco. His father grew it, and when Marvin grew up he moved to Cuba to learn more about cigars. Eventually, Marvin landied in Jamaica to build the company of Blue Mountain Cigars. Reading into the name “Montana Azul” and looking at the band. I think the band looks like the blue (Azul) skyline of Montana, but thats just a hunch.

Size: 6 1/8×52
Vitola: Torpedo
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Source: Sample

First Looks: The cigar looks very well. A nice smooth wrapper with tight roll lines and no tooth. The band is a little flashy and shinny. Im not into flashy and shinny bands; I like a more “classical” band. But we don’t smoke the band, so I’ll get away from it. The overall feal of the cigar is nice. No soft or hard spots the length of the cigar. The wrapper has a light wood & cedar aroma to it. The prelight draw is good with about 1/4″ cut off the torpedo tip.

Construction: A very well constructed cigar. I had no major burn or draw issues. The draw was pretty good throughout the cigar. Usually I have to cut a little more off a torpedo, this one drew well the whole way. The ashes were an off white and gray color. Each one of the ashes held very well for about an inch and a half before I rolled it off into the ashtray. Each ash was fairly tight with few flakes here and there, with no major issues.

Flavor: The first few draws reminded me of the wrapper aroma. They were of light wood notes with a slight bit of cedar to it. The flavors were not bold are far as the strength. This could be due to its rested for two years or so.
Going into the second third, some flavors of cinnamon and cedar flavors overpowered the faint woody notes. The flavors are pretty mild, mellow and creamy; not too overpowering. Around the halfway point, there seems to be a hint of sweetness to the smoke with a slight spice creeping up as well. The sweetness reminded me of a vanilla flavor. Its not a bold vanilla, but it is noticeable.
Getting into the final third the cedar flavors are the main notes. The cedar is accompanied with some nice creamy spice. Its not a bold spice as why I call it “creamy”. I like a creamy type of spice, I am not a fan of a bold, kick in the teeth type of spice. Around the band, it got a weird “twang” to it that I didn’t care for at all, so I decided to lay it to rest.

Final Thoughts: Though its not a cigar I don’t see much of, if at all, its not a bad smoke. Its a milder smoke with some wood, cedar, sweet vanilla, and slight spice. Its not something “mainstream” in this day and time, only due to the mildness of the smoke. This would be a decent smoke for a beginner cigar smoker or someone who doesn’t want a bold smoke. Its was a decent fall morning smoke for me comming off a head cold. It produced thick smoke with a so-so room note. Its not my favorite Connecticut wrapped cigar, but I’ve had alot worse.

I suggest you look at Blue Mountain Cigars, they have quite a few lines, wrappers, and shapes of cigars. From unbanded naked cigars, triple wrapped, to Culebras.

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