July Contest: Nice Tight Ash and Mr. Punch Say…

For our July contest, we’ve got one hell of a contest. General Cigar Company is proud to sponsor our Nice Tight Ash and Mr. Punch Say… contest.

Nice Tight Ash Poster

What You Have To Do

Simple. Just think of the best line for Mr. Punch to say. For example, “I use my cigar smoke as idiot repellent” or “Nothing beats a nice tight ash!” The Nice Tight Ash crew will pick the top 5 submissions. Submit your line via the comment form below. You can enter once per day for the entire month of July. That’s 31 chances for you to win…

What You Can Win

Grand Prize: A box of Punch cigars and a framed Mr. Punch poster with your winning saying, just like the one above.

Second Prize: 21 Punch Cigars

Third Prize: 15 Punch Cigars

Fourth Prize: 9 Punch Cigars

Fifth Prize: 5 Punch Cigars

The Rules

Just a few basic rules. You may only enter once per day. If you enter two in one day, both will be removed from consideration. Second, you must be 18 years of age or older. Third, the one liner must be appropriate, legal, etc. Last, you must be a U.S. resident to win.

Good luck, and let’s see some good ones!

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An ornament in prosperity;
A refuge in adversity.

(Cigar’s pretty good, too.)

[ed. note: Just kidding: while there is humor in repetition, please strike the above parenthetical.]

I supposed to be a professional clown, but it seems like the anti smoking legislation movement is making the job market a bit more competitive.

My stick packs punch, vim and vigor;
Tops all comers.
(Still, could be bigger…)

[Ed. note: with regard to the above statement, one could make the argument that a shorter version–employing simply the final three words: “Could be bigger”–would be more ambiguous, perhaps funnier. Lil feedback here…?

Mulling… Reviewing the poster; picturing the words…

Yes; I submit that the above should be shortened to simply: “Could be bigger…”]

You gotta take your time with one like this.

I love the smell of Punch in the morning. It smells like victory.

Punch… A brow raising experience!

Punch me in the mouth…That’s what she said

[i]test[/i] [ed. note: [b]disregard[/b]]

I’m an ash man, &
I. Like. Big. Butts.

Careful with the matches, I’m made of wood.

Ach! Help! EARWORM!!!

I like. Big. BUTTS! an’ I cay-not LIE
You otherbruthaz cayn’t dee-NY
When’a stick walks in widda itty-bitty waist
Ann-a ROUN’ thing in yo’ face
You. Get. SPRUNG!
Wanna pull up TUFF
Cuz you notice that butt was STUFF’D

Ecua-DOR-an she be WEAR-in’
Habano-SEED iz got me STARE-in’

Oh. Punch. Bay-BEE!
I wanna get WIT’cha
… An’ take your PITCH-ah

My homeboyz tried to WAHN me
But thatbutt yougot make
“Me So Hohn-ey”
Ooh, rump of smooth skin…

Punch, youwannaget in my Benz?
Well USE me, USE me–cuz you ain’t that average GROU-py!

(Oh deah lawdy… He’p me, PLEASE!)

He thought he was fast, but I beat him to the Punch!

An iron-clad combustible: Now with More Cowbell!

Carpe sigārum!
Fumifica diem!

(But, as Mother always said:
“Semper ubi sub ubi.”)

PUNCH: Our taste is our motto.

All of the great smoky flavor you love with none of the calories!

The more I know of women,
The more I love my cigars.

This Big stick is a Grand Slam

I PUNCH my bitch in her fat ash!!

Momma says…… Life is like a box of PUNCHES….you never know what your gonna ash!!

“Every body has a favorite cigar….till they get PUNCHED in the face!”
A take off from a quote from the intellectual scholar Mike Tyson
“Eveybody has a game plan till they get punched in the face.” Gotta love a quote from Tyson, just imagine the voice

Sometime, when no one is around, I’ll show you some of my shadow puppets.

Any fellow puffer already is my friend,
Because I know exactly how he feels.

The only time a punch in the face is a GOOD thing!

If only her ash looked this good.

Working off Chris’s

“You _wish_ your ash looked this good.”

Everyone wants a taste of my PUNCH.

It takes a hell of a cigar to make me wear this stupid hat

“A good Punch will always ring my bell.”

Ha! ‘z everyone been savin’ up or sumthin?

‘Stop staring at my ash’

I’ve got your Healthcare Reform right here…!

Have a PUNCH with a Nice Tight Ash and
call me in the morning.

Sometimes the best attitude adjustment is a big Punch to the mouth.

I’m lovin’ it!

PUNCH up your lifestyle

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