Padilla 1932 – New blend vs Old blend Flavor Comparison

padilla 1932 new blend
This week, I’m sampling the Padilla 1932 again, but this time its the new blend. As I explained in my original 1932 review, the old blend was being made by Don Pepin Garcia, but now that Pepin has decided to end his relationship with Padilla, its being developed completely in house now. A few readers mentioned that they would like to know what differences there were between the new and old blends. Gratefully, @bradinbuffalo, on Twitter, was kind enough to send me a sample of the new blend for comparison. Thanks Brad!

As you can see below the new blend had a new band. The biggest difference it he font used on for PADILLA band. The new version is PADILLA in a script font.
padilla 1932 new blend bands

The first third for me is somewhat different. It seems the same notes are there, but this new blend has strong nutty flavor where the original blend had a strong woody flavor. It still has that woody flavor, but its much more subdued. Also, this cigar seems creamier than the original blend and there is more pepper it seems. The room aroma is definitely woody and is very pleasant.

The second third gets to be very nutty. The woody flavor is almost completely gone now. The cigar has also gotten less creamy as it burns down which is almost completely different from the original. The pepper was really muted on the original blend, but the newer blend its still pretty strong. The smoke this cigar is putting out is ridiculous. HUGE clouds of smoke roll out of this cigar when I take a puff which is a big plus for me. The ash is really flaky with a marbled white and gray color.

The last third has gotten really good, but its nothing like the original blend. The original blend, I got some mocha notes and some coffee. With the new blend, I don’t really detect any mocha flavors at all. The creaminess has gotten heavier which I really like because its one of my favorite flavors in a cigar. Well, the woody flavor finally shown up and shown up big. Its the main flavor in the final third. This cigar is rounding out just fine.

These cigars have some similarities and some differences. I think I like the original better, but the new blend is still very good. The newer blend is more typical of a cigar you get nowadays from Nicaragua. The new blend is more nutty and creamier until the end where the woods come in heavy. On the older blend, the creaminess wasn’t apparent until you retrohaled the smoke, and it was more woody with just a hint of nuts. All in all, both cigars are really top notch. If you get a chance, try the comparison yourself and let me know what you think.

Ben Lee

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Thanks for the comparison on these smokes. I had a 1932 recently and loved it, but I don’t know if it was the old or new blend. I save my bands so I’ll need to check and see.

I really enjoyed the comparison. I plan on buying Padilla “32’s and I wanted to see how they stacked up agains the DP blended sticks.


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