Padilla Cazadores Robusto

The Padilla Cazadores was released this year at IPCPR with much less fanfare than its sister the Dominus. While the Dominus was promoted as a full body powerhouse that was full of flavor, not much was mentioned about the Cazadores. The Cazadores has a much lower price tag than the Dominus at about half the cost. But does it have the flavor and character that will help it survive the ever-growing cigar enthusiasts repertoire? Let’s find out…

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Thanks for the review Brian. Haven’t had a chance to have any of Padilla’s stuff yet.

Good review,I have smoked a couple of Padilla’s sticks and thought they were pretty good.

Thanks for the great review, Brian. I really enjoyed the Dominus, so I’ll definitely be trying the Cazadores!

I haven’t had this yet, but the Psdilla Habano is a nice medium smoke. pretty complex – I recommend trying it. The wrapper is rustic and attractive, just a good looking cigar.

Man, you guys just keep on goin’! The Energizer Bunnies(tm) of cigar reviews!

And then with the “lets’ find out,” FORCING me to watch the vid! (Boss: Uh, yo, DJ, whatcha doin’? Me: Uh, following up on an important news item. Boss: Okay then, carry on!)

I’ve only tried a couple of Padilla’s cigars and haven’t been impressed enough to spend the money on more. With a new crop of cigars on the market and new manufacturing partnerships, I’m curious to give this and the Dominus a try at some point.

Thanks for the review. I’ve tried a few of their cigars but haven’t been impressed with them.

Really appreciate the review Brian..I’ve only had one of these cigars (it came in my Dog Watch Cigar Club selection) and I really did not care for it..The sample I smoked was very grassy (which I do not care for) and had way too much sourness for me..I only made it about 1/3 of the way into it before I set it down ( I know..I don’t have alot patience with ciagrs that hit me wrong right out of the gate)..From your review it sounds like I just might have gotten a bad stick ( it happens..LOL)..I will have to give this one another try..
Once again..Great job Brain..

I haven’t tried any of Padilla’s stuff before, but this looks like a fine place to start, and at a good price as well!

Might give it a try.

Nice concise review. I really like the Dominus but have yet to try this stick.

I was waiting to see a review cigar. Now, I wants to try Cazadores with eazies. I love the Padillas Dominus alot. Thanks…

I think I’m going to have to try padilla stuff. One of those I haven’t gotten around to and everybody is talking their stuff up. It’s on my list.

Brian, I’m a day late on this one, but if I can find one of these cigars, I’m buying it to try, sounds like a good one for me.

Nice review Brian. I’ve had bad experiences with the Padilla Cazadores. I bought 3 five packs a while back of the Churchill size and have smoked about 10 already. Out of the 10, eight have had BAD burns and required some re-lights, the problem seems to be that they are under filled. They require constant attention. I do like the flavors and aroma, unfortunately I will not buy these anymore.

Comment overload :) You guys are gonna have a hell of a time with the contest LOL.

Great review, as always! I have had the Dominus but never found this stick yet. I will keep my eyes peeled to give it a shot.


I am split on Padilla sticks. I have it on my mental list to try the Dominus and now I would like to try the Cazadores.

Nice review of the Padilla Cazadores–I have a torpedo of that blend in my hand, to be fired up shortly and accompanied by a glass of shiraz. Love the pre-light tobacco smell, as you mentioned, but to me this has a higher quality aged tobacco smell that seldom disappoints. I have smoked many great Padilla sticks over the past several years but I think this will be my first Cazadores; a sampler of the best of Padilla is arriving in a few days from C.I. (along with a ten pack of Pinar del Rio Oscuro Robustos, which is a very good full bodied Don Pepin-like smoke) so I dug this one out from one of my packed coolerdors to get in the mood for the shipment. Padilla almost turned me off 4 years ago when my first box was so bad with terrible construction problems that I returned it–has to be really bad for me to do that.

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