Padilla Dominus

Before the IPCPR trade show Ernesto Padilla started tweeting about the new Dominus that was to be released in the upcoming months. He mentioned a few times that this was going to be the most full-bodied cigar he had ever produced. At that point the Dominus was officially on my radar, so when I saw it in one of my local B&M’s a month or two ago was was instantly excited. This cigar is made up entirely of a 2006 Cuban-seen Nicaraguan Corojo tobacco and features a pretty wicked looking band. The wrapper is a beautiful dark shade of brown complemented by a slight oily sheen. Construction on these cigars were perfect, and with the exception of a couple water spots on once sample, these cigar looked absolutely flawless. But that’s enough for a written description, let’s get down the real business.

The Padilla Dominus does not disappoint. These sticks provided a ton of flavorful smoke that kept me wanting more. The cigar did pick up in body as I smoked deeper into the cigar. However, the balance of flavors and smoothness of the smoke makes this a great cigar for someone that may not typically pick up a full-bodied cigar. I’d easily recommend purchasing a fiver of these cigars, but be warned, they are priced over $10 per stick.

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Nice review! I actually have one of these in my humi, but it is earmarked for Beaver on SRFF if I can ever get my ass to a shop to get his the other 2 he is looking for, lol – If he gets them before i do, I will just have to make myself smoke it =) I REALLY like flavor in a cigar! I do NOT like the powerhouses that you can tell, they just went for power. I think that takes the enjoyment away from a cigar.


300 cigars for the troops – that is just awesome! It would be GREAT if that would get close to 500!!!

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Great review. Been wanting to try this for awhile. Love the Miami and it has the same dark ash. Appreciate the effort and time you guys put in these reviews. CT


Just found your site; as you are; myself I am a cigar smoker an nerd. But to be honest; I was about to knock your site; until I saw the video on the new san cristobal; an how you opened up your videos; perfect; you guys have your own style in reviewings; not like these other fuck faces on the internet an boards. keep it up.

Kumar Patel

I was using your advise about Padilla Dominus cigar. I’ve order a 10 cigars samlper from CI. It will be arrived in a few days to smoke it then I will give you mine thoughts of the Padilla Dominus cigar.

Thanks for the review. It helped make my decision to purchase!

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