Partagas 1845 Corona Extra

Partagas cigars have been around for over a century and a half. Founded in Havana, Cuba in 1845, The company has gone through a few changes. Wether it was the Cuban Embargo, General cigars/Swedish Match merger, or changing factories, Partagas stayed strong in the cigar world both Cuban & non-Cuban. I have enojyed Partagas cigars since I first started out enjoying cigars. I would buy them in samplers or as singles, I have always enjoyed a Partagas.
“Herritage Rewrapped” is the slogan for the new 1845 line of Partagas. Naming the new line after the year the company was founded. The 1845 has been in the works for some time, with some of the blended tobacco has been aged for nine years. Jhonys Diaz, Francisco Rodriguez, Yuri Guillen were all the brainchilds of the blend with Benji Menendez as thier advisor.

Available in four sizes; Corona Extra 4-1/2×46, Robusto 5-1/2×49, Double Corona 7-1/4×54, & Gigante 6×60. With prices from $5.99 to $7.59 (plus local & state taxes).

Size: 4 1/2 x 46
Vitola Corona Extra
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Habano
Binder: Connecticut Habano
Filler: Dommican & Nicaraguan Ligero & Seco
Source: Sample from General Cigars

First Looks: A deep and dark brown Ecuadoran Habano wrapper, with a few very small viens, no soft or hard spots, or any blemishes. This is one good looking cigar, adorned with a classy band with an Eagle and lightning bolts on it. All forms of modern day power and strength. Hopefully, the smoke matches the band; classy yet powerful. Going back to the Cuban herritage of Partagas, there is a nicely applied triple cap.

First Half: The first few puffs of the 1845 are nice and dark. Dark notes of cocoa and hints of charred oak. There is a very faint taste of a sweetness thats short to the finish. The ash produced from the even burn is white with a few gray lines in it; with no flakes. Each of the ashes held for about 1 1/2″ or more, a show of a well constructed cigar. Working towards the half way point, I get faint hits of cinnamon on the tip of my tongue. The cinnamon notes are almost spicy in a sense.
The room note is fairly pleasurable. I couldn’t get a real sense of the room notes, as its windy outside and I have a slightly stuffy nose. The smoke billows off the foot as well as the thick, dense smoke from my mouth.

Last Half: Working intothe last part of the 1845, I start to taste a bit of a tangy note to it. Nothing major, but it is noticable over the consistent dark wood and cocoa notes as thefirst half produced. I start to get hints of black pepper when I get closer to the band. The draw is absolutely dead on. Its just enough resistance, yet easy enough to ward off the “hard draw headaches”. Thats one thing that has started bothering me recently, was tough draws. If the cigar tastes good, but the draw is a little off I can deal with it. But if the draw is so tight it gives me a headache, I am starting to pitch them to the Stinky. I guess a tight draw is this months pet peeve for me.

At the band, the smoke gets more and more chocolatey. Its a pretty strong chocolate flavor with the semi-spicy cinnamon short lived undertones. The burn and draw are still dead on as like in the first half of the 1845. The burn did get a little wavy towards the end, but never became an issue and easily corrected itself. Right at the end of the 1845, the cinnamon notes eased off and a undertone of malted milk with a slight “twang” that adorned my pallet.

Final Thoughts:I got a smapler of all four sizes of the Partagas 1845 from General Cigars and look forward to trying them all. Even though I dislike a 6×60 size, I will try it as well. I think it will be interesting to see if a larger ring gauge helps or hurts this blend. Overall, its a pretty good smoke. Deffinately a different smoke from the original non-Cuban Partagas smokes. There are quite a few Partagas blends on the market today with each thier own aspects and the Partagas 1845 is a good well rounded smoke to add to the brand. Its not too powerful, a good combonation of flavors, never bitter, great construction. For the $6-7.50 price range, this cigar is a good value for your buck. If you haven’t tried the new 1845, deffinately go to your local B&M and grab one. If you are like me, after you smoke it, you will be looking for more.

For more information online on the Partagas 1845, go to Partagas1845

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I agree for this sticks price it is a real deal.

I agree great stick for the money!

I have a sampler from GCC, and while I’ve only tried 1 so far, I do like the flavors. I’m going to give the others a bit of a rest in the humidor, and see how they taste in a month or three.

This one looks like a great choice for dessert; your review makes it sound very enticing, and especially at that price.

I have simplar favors to the Black label Partagas.but it had more in strengthen. You must have a full meal to smoke the Partagas 1845….

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