Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series


Passion is what has created success stories in the cigar industry, and in my opinion it’s the greatest asset any cigar manufacturer can possess.  In the case of Paul Garmirian, owner and creator of PG Cigars, his passion started early in the 1980’s when he began a nine year research and writing process that culminated with the first publication of his book The Gourmet Guide To Cigars.  His passion did not allow him to stop at publishing a book, Paul Gamirian teamed up with Hendrick Kelner to produce his own line of cigars that also made their debut in 1990.  Since then Paul Gamirian has expanded the line, which ranges form mild to full-bodied, and experienced the success that comes with providing an excellent product.

Company: PG Cigars
Made In: Dominican Republic
Made by: Hendrik Kelner
Size: 5 1/2″ x 52 Belicoso Fino
Wrapper: Ecuadorian grown Connecticut Shade
Filler: Dominican
Binder: Dominican
MSRP: $11.00/stick or $275 for box of 25


Each PG belicoso was beautifully constructed and had a surprisingly oily feel to the Connecticut Shade wrapper.  Tiny veins graced the wrapper which was a medium shade of tan.  The cigar felt great in the hand; solidly constructed, these cigars did not display any rolling flaws.  I took my nose to the unlit cigar, which was heavy with barnyard aromas.  I snipped the pointed cap off with a double guillotine cutter and took a couple perfect pre-light draws.  The flavor at this point was predominately made of hay and wood components.

First Third

I lit the cigar with a single flame torch and began to sample the abundant amount of creamy white smoke the PG was creating. The cigar displayed an abundance of flavors, made up mostly of wood, barnyard and nutmeg spice.  None of the flavors were powerful, however, they were refined as they met my palette and then quickly faded into the background.  Each puff was equally pleasing, and left me wanting more.  Despite my increasingly rapid smoking, the cigar burned razor straight and left behind solid white ash which fell off in about 1 inch chunks.


Second Third

I don’t smoke in the house, so most of my smoking is done in the comfort of my office (garage).  As a result of the cold, both of these cigars developed a tiny split in the wrapper as I puffed into the second third of the cigar.  I don’t believe this had anything to do with construction, because they both continued to smoke beautifully and there weren’t any unpleasant changes in flavor.  The flavor was still predominately composed of barnyard, wood, and nutmeg but I began to notice hints of salted nuts.

Last Third

While smoking the final third I did begin to notice that the burn was not as straight as before; probably caused by the slight tear that developed in the second third.  The flavors developed nicely as a natural earthy sweetness replaced the saltiness I had earlier tasted.  I smoked both of the samples down to the nub and then reluctantly laid them to rest in the ashtray.


Final Thoughts

I really think the PG Gourmet Series Belicoso Fino is a “wow” cigar.  This cigar produced excellent flavors that could be enjoyed early in the morning or after a big meal.  Near flawless construction made this medium-bodied cigar a pleasure to smoke.  The first time I sat down to review this cigar I paired it with a dram of Highland Park 12yr Single Malt Scotch.  This cigar and libation pairing went well, the subtle flavor nuances of the cigar played nicely with the bold citrusy sweetness of the scotch.  I’d recommend that every one purchase 2-5 PG Gourmet Series cigars.  After you have given them a try you can make a decision on how many more you’d like to buy.

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Nice! going to swing by the Tinder Box today and see if they have any left.

The PGs are nothing short of fantastic – a little bit pricey and hard to find in the Philly area. These are in my Top 5 smokes . . . thanks for the review.

The flavor profile you described reminds me of a Monte White. The price point seems about the same as well. The saltiness kind of makes me leery of trying one at that price. I’ll have to see if I can find a brother willing to do a trade.

These are still on my “must try” list. It’s just that when I go to buy a cigar, I usually don’t go for the priciest ones.

I smoked a lot of PG when I smoked cigars on the milder side. I definitely need to go back and revisit these. The double corona size was always my favorite.

Granted they are pricey – but it’s worth a try. They age very well too . . .

Chris – thanks for the review. Its a bit pricey in my opinion but you’re like the 20th person to mention PG so its probably time for me to check them out.

Nice write up. Have to try it.

Thanks again for the review, I’ve never seen these anywhere but I guess I’ve never been looking for them.

Nice review. Need to figure out if they are sold here in Europe…

Nutmeg sounds tasty, I’ll have to put these on the “try” list.


Dear sirs,
A few short years ago,I had a supplier of PG#1’s, who would get these into stock for me, as they knew I’d be back for more. However, for the price factor, she no longer carries them, and has trouble selling them for that reason. So, needless to say, she dosn’t get them in any more. For a while, I was given a special price for each box that I’d buy, but now I can’t even find them in the Turnersville, NJ area.
Are there any other suppliers in my area, for the PG #1’s?

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