Preliminary Thoughts: Viaje Oro


Viaje cigars are produced by Casa Fernandez, the same company that produces the JFR (Just For Retail), are Nicaraguan puros rolled in the traditional cuban style.  This small boutique brand has a limited yearly production, however, they produce quality products.  

Company: Viaje
Made in: Nicaragua
Made by: Casa Fernandez 
Size: 5 x 52 Fuerza
Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo 99 Cafe
Filler:   Nicaragua
Binder:  Nicaragua 
MSRP: $6.70 each/$134.10 box of 20

Preliminary Thoughts

Life has been a bit crazy lately so I’m kinda behind on my end with cigar reviews.  However, I had a chance to fire up a cigar today that completely blew my mind.  I intend on putting together a full review soon, but wanted to share some of my initial thoughts with you.  The Viaje Oro is a dark rich looking cigars, with oils nearly dripping off the wrapper.  The cigar was expertly rolled, I was unable to feel any hard or soft spots, and the triple cap was beautifully applied.

I fired the stick up and was immediately hit with a blast of flavors.  Rich earthy flavors were nicely balanced by robust chocolate and espresso notes.  There was a slight hint of pepper, however, it was not upfront spice like you may normally find in many Nicaraguan Puros.  The cigar burned very nicely, and considering the windy conditions, the burn line never faultered.  Copious amounts of smoke poured from the stick, and had almost a chewy texture.  The Viaje was medium to full-bodied and hosted a variety of complex flavors.  I’m looking forward to smoking more of these, and hope to get an official review up soon.  

My preliminary recommendation is to pick up a fiver of these today  I’m sure you’ll enjoy these even if you tend to smoke mild to medium bodied cigars.  Although the cigar is full bodied, it’s not abusive to you palate or stomach. 

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Try the Platino – it’s a great cigar too . . .

Never heard of them. I will have to keep my eyes open, thanx!


Never seen this guy before. But he’s up on the list of ones to find and try. Do you have a local tobacconist or did you find them on-line? Thanks for the review.

7, silo cigars carries singles of them. this cigar has been on my wants list for a while now but this will give me the motivation i need to actually pick some up. Thanks Chris!!

These are really good sticks. In my experience, though, they need to be dry boxed some. I keep my sticks at 65% and that was still a little too wet.

Tower Cigars and Pipes – online retailer based in California sells them. Excellent service – I highly recommend grabbing some Viajes from them.

They sound great but I’ve never heard of them. Can I get them locally or are they an online only cigar?

Interesting stuff. Will keep an eye out for these.

I looked around and single stick runs about $8 – 10$. Kind of expensive for an unknown brand. I think I’ll wait until a few reviews coming through before deciding a taste test. Sure wish it as cheaper though…

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