Press Release: La Aurora Announces 107 Lancero in Limited Production

La Aurora and Miami Cigars have had a strong relationship with new media, especially on Twitter, which they are very active. Because of this, Guillermo Leon, Jose Blanco and Jason Wood were inundated with request for a new size in the 107 line after the success of the corona. As a lover of lanceros, I mentioned to Guillermo in a Twitter conversation between him, myself, @big_belicoso, @Buckheadcigar, Jose Blanco and @miamicigar that a lancero would be great after testing the corona size. The 107 blend seemed to favor the smaller ring gauges. Many people thought it was a great idea. Mike from Buckhead Cigars immediately told Guillermo that if he made it, he would order a ton of boxes right now. Other bloggers followed our request and it took on a life of its own. La Aurora and Miami Cigars, listening to their customers, decided to give it a try. Finally, the day has come. Barry at, broke the news about the new lancero and its release on his site which he gave me permission to repost here:

The power of social media has yet to be fully understood by many of today’s corporations but the Miami Cigar Company & La Aurora Cigars are doing a good job of harnessing that power. In a campaign that started a few months ago by a group of cigar smokers on Twitter the demand for the 107 Lancero was born. Guillermo Leon, La Aurora Cigars and Miami Cigar Co. have answered that demand, and the day for release is near.

Retailers Only will be able to order this limited edition pre -release of 300 boxes. Each box will contain 21 cigars and can only be ordered via Twitter by sending a Direct Message to @miamicigar beginning at 9am Eastern Time on September 13th. These cigars will arrive in Miami the last week of October and are expected to reach retailers by Halloween.

This historic event marks the first ever 100% Twitter driven promotion for a cigar. Stay tuned to as we hope to have a list of retailers for consumers to purchase this cigar in the near future.

You can read the post here. Thanks Barry!

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I’m very excited. I enjoy the 107 and Lancero’s are one of my favorite vitolas.

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