Quesada Tributo

It seems like a recurring theme amongst many cigar companies is a pride in family and tradition. The Quesada Tributo takes those themes and wraps them up in a cigar. The daughters, nephews and nieces of Manuel Quesada, self-titled the 5th Generation, created the Quesada Tributo as a tribute to their family and roots in the cigar industry. To me there can’t be any greater reason to create a cigar, so I was anxious to give this cigar a try.

Name: Tributo
Company: Quesada
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid (Habano 2000, Corojo, Habano Vuelta Arriba & Sumatra)
Binder: Honduran Ligero
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican Ligero
Price: $7.50
Comes in: Box of 24
Vitola: Alvaro (6″ x 52 Torpedo)


The wrapper on this cigar is the color of dark milk chocolate and has a smooth oily feel. The vein structure is visibly noticeable but not to noticeable to the touch. The cigar felt as though the tobacco was evenly bunched and the wrapper was applied neatly. Overall I’d have to give this cigar an A for construction. Everything about it looked perfect. The aroma coming from the wrapper and foot was of tobacco but was much stronger coming from the foot.

Final Thoughts

What a great cigar. A combination of expert construction and well balanced flavors and strength left me wanting more. The only complaint I have is the tight draw through the first half of the cigar, which I think could have been alleviated through and extra cut. Never-the-less the cigar produced ample amounts of smoke. The Tributo started off with a strong dry cocoa flavor that was quickly joined by a mix of nuts and coffee beans. There was also a distinct nasal spice that was most obvious during the first half of the cigar, and later mellowed. I only ashed this cigar twice. The first time the ash fell on it’s own, somewhere around the halfway point and the last time was right before laying the cigar down in the ashtray.

I’d suggest this cigar to just about anyone. Even-though the body borders between medium and full, the fact that it’s so well balanced should make this cigar smokeable to just about everyone. This cigar can be smoked first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee or after a heavy meal. I would absolutely buy another five pack and would even entertain picking up a box.

As always I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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Like you I really enjoyed this cigar. Did you pick up any dark fruit flavors?

Nice review ona great cigar. Only thing Ihave to add is try the Alvarito petite corona. It is, IMHO< the best of the bunch. And yes, I have tried all the sizes!! They are that good!!

Great review Chris. I really like this cigar. Probably my favorite right now. I’ve had the robusto and the torpedo and both were stellar. It would make my top 10.

i would like to purchase your cigars but i cant seem to locate a distributor. can you pls let me know where to order online or within my zip code 10536 thanks wayne

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