Quick Smoke: 601 Green Oscuro Corona

I am back with a quasi quick smoke. Although this is a bit longer than the 45 min lunch time smoke I enjoy, this is a good 55 minutes to an hour of smoking time that is perfect for when you don’t have that 1.5 hours of down time to enjoy a Toro or larger. I am also doing a repeat of a line which I believe is the first revisit of a line (other than the Opus X) since the site started. Today I have for you the 601 Green Oscuro in a corona size from EO Brands manufactured by the Garcia Family. You can see what Chris thought of this smoke in the Trunco size here. Back then I left a comment on Chris’ post (this was before I was part of the NTA family) and stated that the Trunco is a top three cigar for me. Now it has been knocked down a bit with some of my new experiences over that past year but it is still a fine smoke. So let’s see if the Corona is as good, or better, than the Trunco and how my tastes for this line vary with Chris’

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Great review. Seems a bit too much for me =) I love pepper in a cigar though, even though I do not put pepper on any of my food. Strange, yes I am.

nice music choice also!


Very good smoke. Excellant review. Great job doing these from your car.

This stick embodies exactly what a don pepin cigar is all about more than any other in my opinion. The black Cuban classic a close 2nd. I just like to grab one and smoke it during this and Chris’ review of it. Definitely in my all time top 10. Nice job Mike!

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