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I did a review of the Iconic Leaf Recluse OTG Toro a little bit ago. This month the great people at Iconic Leaf Cigars is sponsoring a contest this month. I would personally like to thank the Iconic Leaf Cigar Company for their sponsorship. Last month’s Twitter contest went well, & I’d like to thank those who all entered it. This month’s contest is going to be based off of comments of this post. Nothing in particular & pretty simple.

Here are some comment thoughts to boost your odds at winning:


I have 4 5pks of the Recluse Robusto to give away to the best comments. So there will be four winners this month.

Limit one comment per person.

You must be over 18 and live in the continuous United States.

Contest runs through February 28th.

Good Luck to All!!


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Have not tried one yet. Yes I would like to try one, as I’m always looking for new sticks that I might like and add to my rotation. I enjoyed your review, and by the flavors you described, I would really like this smoke. Love the box press shape, but I agree that they do have burn issues, but they can be managed

I have not tried the Recluse, nor have I seen it locally. The flavor profile of chocolate and re peppers really intrigues me….then on top of that a medium to full is right up my alley and would be very interested to try these….holy cow there are a lot of sizes to this line…I personally prefer corona’s or robustos. Great review as usual and really made me start to drool over this stick the way you described it and the pics are a nice touch…. PS I personally like box press.

Thanks for the contest.

I’m still a relatively new cigar smoker, and have mostly stuck with cigars with more of a simple and mild flavor, but I’ve been starting to enjoy some with more of a complex flavor as well. Your review has definitely piqued my interest in a boutique cigar such as the Recluse. I like to see that some brands are still B&M stores only; I’ll have to look around to see if I can find any of these locally. Looking forward to lighting one of these sticks up!

From first puff to last draw, this cigar never fails to deliver. A friend gave this cigar to me as a party gift and I must say, he’s one of my better friends now. Box pressed and just flawless, I enjoyed this cigar from the start and was sad to see it have to end. Only fault I could find in it was a few minor corrections as I smoked on. I would definitely like to smoke a few more of these in the future.

Guys @ NTA,

I very much enjoyed your review of the “Recluse” it was very informative and useful, I like the fact they have so many sizes to chose from. I enjoy boxed press very much and like to buy them quit often. Although I have not tried the “Recluse” I think its fair to say they are probably worth their price. They look very well constructed and a sound smoke.

George Satterfield

I have not yet had the chance to try one these yet.I am not a huge box press fan so maybe you could change my mind!!

Your review of the Recluse made me want to look for them. I love a box press cigar.

Never having smoked the Iconic Leaf Recluse before, your review of the cigar was intriguing. Like most boutique blends that do not have a big foothold among B&M’s nation-wide (they tend to be more readily available in certain areas), the review is usually the most important part of learning about a cigar (with said availability).

The description of chocolate, red pepper, and nutmeg are exciting to me, being someone who enjoys a contrasting flavors. I feel that the more they contrast, the more complex the blend becomes, which for me makes for an interesting experience. I don’t want to smoke something that will bore me in the first 2 inches, and based on your written palate, it looks like that won’t be an issue.

I will put this on my list of ‘need-to-try’ cigars. Thanks for the review.

Not the easiest smoke to find, but I plan to look it up and try a couple, based on your review. And, as uausl, your review piqued my curiousity about a cigar that’s right in my taste and strength zone. Thanks!

Have not seen this cigar in my area, will keep looking. The flavors that you have described will be hard for me to taste, I have a hard time with that, with any cigar, I like it or don’t. Thanks for the contest.

This is a new cigar to me, never have seen or heard of it. It sounds like one I would enjoy as I am a big fan of the box press and the flavor profile you described in your excellent review. Keep up the good work and thank you.


I, too, had never heard of these before reading your review. Though, it seems like a good one to try as I have a soft spot for Dominicans and an even softer one for Brazilian Maduros. I loved the changes that you were able to denote along the way, as some are my favorites to find in a Dominican. As usual, great job with the review. Makes me want to hunt down these.

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the Recluse yet, but now I’m intrigued. I’ve read a couple different reviews about it and would love to weigh in on what sounds like a well balanced and unique stogie. I live in an area where if you want to try something new you really have to go looking for it, so I haven’t come across this one yet. But, man, you rarely can go wrong with a Brazilian maduro.

Recluse, is one that has been on my radar for a while but they are not sold in my Local B&M so it would be great to try these 5. What up!!!

Great Review! Have not tried these yet. But always willing and looking to try New Cigars. That’s how you locate New Fav’s!!

Haven’t had a chance to try these yet but from your review they sound pretty interesting. THANKS for the contest, after all Feb in my birthday month and Valentines Day! Hope I win, that would really be sharing the Love!

I have not had the opportunity to try a recluse yet. However, I am very interested in trying one based upon their true entubado cigar rolling. They have said multiple times that they hold true to the rolling method and are one of the few that actually roll it correctly. I am anxious to see how this affects the flavor, smoke output, and ash of a cigar. I really enjoyed your review and the chocolate notes sound very interesting to me.

Thanks for the contest.

I have yet to try this label, but after reading several positive reviews on the Recluse I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

Nope, no one has seen the Recluse around here lately. Rumor is that he lives in a cabin alone deep in the woods, makes his money writing Calvin and Hobbes, reads Emily Bronte, listens to Glenn Gould on the piano, and only comes to town briefly to score a certain irresistible box pressed cigar, said also to be Howard Hughes’ iconic smoke. From time to time a faint aroma of red pepper and chocolate drifts downstream from his cabin. Other than that, no, he keeps to himself.

Myself, I’m not a fan of box pressed in general, because I like to roll a stogie round in my mouth as I draw. Chocolate I love; nutmeg I adore; red pepper is good in moderation, though I prefer the black. But I stumbled onto your site via a link to your review, and now that I have, I’ll bookmark it.

On the off chance I spot the Recluse at the B&M, I’ll see if I can spark a conversation.
mouth as I draw. Chocolate I love; nutmeg I adore; red pepper is good in moderation, though I prefer the black. But I stumbled onto your site via a link to your review, and now that I have, I’ll bookmark it.

On the off chance I spot the Recluse at the B&M, I’ll see if I can spark a conversation.

We launched the Recluse cigar today in our store in a Blind Taste Test. Reviews from our customers we have received very good reviews.

This the review on the Robusto Cigar
Appearance 8 of 10
Strength 7 of 10
Taste 7.5 of 10
Construction 10 of 10

The Kanu 2 has been the hot cigar of this line tonight

awesome review, makes me want some, cmon no whammys!!!

If a cigar has a Brazilian wrapper, I give it a try. I seek out cigars with Brazilian tobacco and most of the time I am not disappointed.
I don’t know what my connection/fascination is with Brazilian tobacco, but I’m pretty sure its me psychologically associating the tobacco with the women. Say what you will, I’m being honest.
That being said, the CAO Brazilia was a cherry-popper for me. That cigar really got me into smoking; so there’s that connection too. Excuse my loose use of the term cherry-popper, I suppose gate-way cigar would be just as useful a term.
Based on the blend, wrapper and binder; your review seems dead on of what I’d expect. That chocolate overtone is bound to be in there with the brazilian maduro. I like the idea of a Cameroon binder. You don’t see that a lot (or at least I don’t) and I can see there being some sweet spice mixed in there.
Brazilian women. Awwww yeah.

That is great to hear! I have seen an over all liking for the Recluse line. I have to agree with the consensus.

Great review. I have yet to try these, probably because I have yet to see them (yes, I have “Buy Every New Cigar” disorder).

The flavor profile sounds interesting, and I’m intrigued by the use of Brazilian wrapper and Cameroon binder. Seems like it would make it sweeter? I’d like to taste test it to find out. Just sayin’.

First of all, I thought the review you did on the Recluse was really informative, but I unfortunately have not tried it yet. I really want to try it because ever since IPCPR I have only heard big things about it. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and be able to try it!

Appreciate your review!
I would like to say a Big thank you for sponsoring contests like this. Every once in a while I win one and it gives me the opportunity to try a really great smoke I probably couldn’t find / afford. A salute to Nice Tight Ash and Iconic Leaf Cigars, I will share and retweet.

Never even heard of a recluse but the review sounds like something that might be a hit.

I have not tried the Recluse.

I would love to try it because i am a new cigar smoker trying to figure out what i like and what i don’t like. I tried the CAO Brazila and was blown off my chair by how flavorful it was and the Recluse has a brazilian wrapper. Secondly i have found that I love cigars that when reviewed have the chocolate flavors with some pepper…..this sounds just like something i would love.

Unfortunately my B&M doesn’t carry this brand. I have heard/read quite a buzz about the Recluse and I would love to try them. I really enjoy trying new/boutique cigars when I get the chance.

I have not had these yet. Haven’t even heard of them until here to tell the truth, so there’s some marketing doing it’s work! I really liked your review. The many notes of chocolate and the occasional peppery notes sound amazing. Spicy chocolate…Yum! Maybe I can get lucky and win some to try & share!

I have not tried the Iconic Recluse nor have I seen it anywhere to have had the opportunity before now. But I really want to! Why? Because everything iv read states it’s a silent sweeper, a hidden jewel, and who’s not looking for that? Your review was spot on, well written and represented the cigar, the manufacture and yourself very well as well as your notes and thoughts matched others word for word which means you have a well seasoned pallet! Thank you for the contest! Many blessing to you and all who enter

I have yet to try the Recluse cigars yet. This cigar looks like it would be a nice addition to my collection. I am usually drawn to cigars by their color and this one drew me right in. I am also impressed with how the band looks. All in all it looks like a great cigar to try.

I have not tried a Recluse but would like to since your review said it had a crushed red pepper, black pepper & chocolate tones to it. To me, that sounds extremely palatable since I enjoy some pepper flavored specialty chocolate from time to time. You’re correct in thinking that the peppery/chocolate flavor would pair well with coffee, as it definitely does.

Will definitely be looking for these.

This is a great way to get new cigars in the hands of regular smokers. One of the biggest challenges I have in the durning 25 years of smoking is to find new cigars at local shops to try them. One of the best parts of cigars is tasting the creativeness of the cigar maker by smoking their product. I prefer to try new cigars after reading reviews like yours that I am confident aren’t swayed. After reading your review I would like to try this cigar. Win or lose thanks to you and Iconic Leaf Cigars for getting their cigars out to the people.

Love Iconic Leaf Recluse. My local Cigar Cigars got them in about 4 weeks ago and I buy a new one every week. It has got to be my favorite cigar yet. Though I am still very new to cigars, my mind won’t be changed very easily.

We would like to thank everyone who has commented up to this point. We have read each and every comment and are encouraged. It is great to hear what some of you that have smoked the Recluse have said about it. We spent so much time and effort to create this cigar and it is great to see those efforts pay off. Once again, Thank you.

J.R. Dominguez

P.S. Maybe my comment will count towards winning and I will get my own cigars back. LOL

Best way to try the RECLUSE is free thus i am entering the contest

I’m fresh to the cigar scene, with recently getting my first humidor (100count). I’ve yet to have a recluse and only a few darker wrapper cigars, but I’m sure I will thouroughly enjoy these given the chance. btw…sap story…my humidor is like a 1/3 of the way full and it seems pretty dismal on the whole matter.

I haven’t had the chance to try these yet. Trying new vitolas and flavor profiles is one of my favorites parts of the cigar experience. I’ve had good experiences with box pressed.
Thanks for the reviews guys!

Contest is over. Thanks to you all for all of the comments. As well thanks to Iconic Leaf for sponoring this month’s contest. The winners will be announced soon.

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