Roberto Cigars Blend Selection: Samples 1-3

Here we are folks. The first episode of three that will take you through the tasting (and choosing) of a full bodied blend to complete the Roberto Cigars line of premium smokes. If you haven’t already, check out our reviews of Roberto’s Standard (Mild) Blend and his Robust (Medium) Blend.

Today we have for you samples 1-3. I am only providing opening and final impressions for each stick in an effort to keep the video time manageable. I am also doing a full written description for our use in blend selection which I write throughout the entire smoking experience. I will give you a bit of that information at the end of this post most notably a rating for body, fullness of flavor, and balance as well as overall impressions of the smoke. So let’s see how the first three blends do.

**Spoiler Alert**
If you would prefer to watch the video prior to seeing my results then watch now before you read on any further. If you are sick of my ugly mug, then you can just continue on with your reading.

Sample #1:
Body (1-5): 2
Fullness of Flavor: 3
Balance: 3.5

Overall impressions: Mild to Medium bodied smoke that lacked flavor in the beginning. Flavor came into it’s own in the second third with a very nice woodiness and remained that way to the end. There was minimal spice throughout this smoke. This stick reminded me a lot of the Standard Blend. Balance was good but there wasn’t a ton of flavors to balance out.

Sample #2:
Body (1-5): 3
Fullness of Flavor (1-5): 3
Balance (1-5): 2

Overall impressions: Medium in body throughout. Flavors were much more prevalent than #1. There was still a very minimal amount of spice in this smoke. The predominant flavor was the same woodiness I encountered in the first sample but there was a nice background earthiness to this smoke. The balance was a little off in that the flavors were a little edgy and just didn’t meld together perfectly.

Sample #3:
Body (1-5): 4
Fullness of Flavor (1-5): 3.5
Balance (1-5): 3

Overall impressions: Came out swinging with a very nice spice right from the first puff. Flavors throughout fist half were a very nice mixture of leather and earth. Flavors weren’t real deep but easily detectable. Spice mellowed after start but was present throughout the entire stick. Flavors changed slightly in the second half. Leather was still the primary component but the earth faded and gave way to a similar woodiness that was prominent in samples 1 and 2. I enjoyed this stick much more than the first 2 and it was definitely more in that full body range that we are looking for.

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This is really cool! When the final blend is selected will it be called the NiceTightash blend? maybe call it the Roberto NTA !!

For me that first smoke sounded pretty darn good! I cant wait to see the next 6!


Great job Brian..This is a very interesting experiment…Looking forward to seeing how the other blends fair..
Keep’em coming!!

Great review! Just came across your website–good stuff!

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