Roberto Cigars Blend Selection: Samples 7-9

Ok folks, here’s the final episode of our cigar blend testing series in conjunction with Roberto Cigars. Here we have cigars 7-9. Look for the reveal of my favorite as well as how these blends differ from Bob’s original offerings in an upcoming post. If you haven’t already, check out #’s 1-3 here and #’s 4-6 here, as well as our reviews of Roberto’s Standard (Mild) Blend and his Robust (Medium) Blend. Check out Roberto Cigars website at for cigars, humidors and accessories.

**Spoiler Alert**
If you would prefer to watch the video prior to seeing my results then watch now before you read on any further. If you are sick of my ugly mug, then you can just continue on with your reading.

Sample #7:
Body (1-5): 2
Fullness of Flavor (1-5): 1
Balance (1-5): 3

Overall impressions: Not much to this one. Smoke was very airy providing only a slight tobacco flavor and not much else. Very light on the palate. Nothing bitter or bad tasting, just nothing there.

Sample #8:
Body (1-5): 4
Fullness of Flavor (1-5): 4
Balance (1-5): 4

Overall impressions: Started off great. Began in the upper medium range and progressed from there. The base flavors were very good with a nice woodiness as the base flavor with a very complimentary earthiness and a developing spice. A very enjoyable coffee component was there in the beginning which was a very nice surprise. All in all a very enjoyable smoke.

Sample #9:
Body (1-5): 4.5
Fullness of Flavor (1-5): 4
Balance (1-5): 4

Overall impressions: Great smoke. Full bodied from the beginning with a ton of nice flavors. This is a spice bomb. The spice hits you in the nose right from the first puff. The base flavor is a nice distinct cedar woodiness with the pepper spice dancing around it along with a tinge of earth and a sweet floral component. This is my kind of smoke.

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Awesome ending for this series! Well not ending, but finish to the 9 blends. Of course my wussy smoking tastes would like a different one than you pick probably, but that is what is great about cigars, you always have choice :)

Cant wait for you guys to visit him (maybe already did) and hopefully have some video of that plus I want to see the reveal!! Suspense sux dammit lol


You play hockey Brian?

I do. Mostly coaching now-a-days but i still try to get out and play at least once a week.

Glad you have enjoyed it. We did go to Bob’s. Should have video of us learning how to roll cigars as well as the reveal of the 9 blends very soon.

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