Roberto Cigars Standard Blend Robusto

A while back I was searching for a new cabinet humidor and I came across Roberto Cigars that had the humidor I was looking for at a very reasonable price. I ordered the humidor and through some snafus in the ordering process, which I go into in the video, I began emailing back and forth with Bob Morris, owner of Roberto Cigars ( The humidor situation was quickly resolved and Bob offered to send me some of his own sticks that he rolls himself. Bob sent two blends my way: the “Standard Blend” which I am looking at today and the “Robust Blend.” In the video I go into more detail about the cigar and the various services that Bob offers through Roberto Cigars.

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Whos beating the kids? LMAO

Great review of an unknown cigar! Maybe I will pick a couple up locally to try if I am ever in the area!

What humidor did you get? (The Lauderdale End Table Humidor?) pictures? humidor tour? info needed dammit, INFO – lol


Ha! The kids were out in the pool. I couldn’t keep ’em quiet if I tried. I did get the Lauderdale and it has worked great. Holds humidity like a champ as has a ton of room. I’ve got over 300 sticks in there now with room for at least double that. I plan on putting together a humidor tour for a Saturday feature in the near future.

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