Saturday Ashes – November 21, 2009

Just a couple of tidbits from the site.

First, a huge thanks to all the people who have donated smokes for the troops. As usual the cigar community is comming through large. Also, the manufacturers are being very generous towards the raffle prizes. A big thanks goes out to them as well for thier generosity. Check out the post to see who and what has been donated for prizes thus far. If you haven’t seen the post and haven’t donated to the cause, click here and send something in. These men and women battle for us every day. The least we can do a send them a smoke.

Also, look for the begining of the Roberto Cigars blending series to start on Thursday Dec 3. I will smoke 3 blends a week and give details on those 3 sticks in 1 episode. This way the series will be 3 episodes in length and wont drag out for 6 months. Bob sent out the following email to his subscribers documenting the project:

You will find the announcement at the attached link of particular interest. This is a new series of Roberto Cigar reviews scheduled to begin very soon.

The idea behind this project is to both inform cigar aficionados and demonstrate the versatility of Roberto Custom blend cigars. As you can see from the write-up, I provided 9 cigars of various blends to for review. The tobacco comes from the most respected supplier in the United States, grown on their farms in South America. Same tobaccos found in most of the major premium brands including Montecristo, Atruro Fuente, Montecruz, La Flor Dominica and more!

What many people do not realize is that a majority of the finest cigar tobacco only comes from several select sources. the difference in the taste (and the price) comes from the blend itself and the “name” of the cigar.

What we hope to demonstrate in this fascinating series is not just how various types of tobaccos in various combinations effect the cigar, but to showcase Roberto Cigar’s unique ability to custom blend the finest cigars to our customer’s particular tastes.

We hope you enjoy this fine series and provide us the opportunity to prepare a custom blend for you.


Thats it for today folks. Thanks for all yor support, keep checking in with us, and remember…Nothing beats a NICE TIGHT ASH!

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This sounds really interesting to me…Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you Brian…Looking forward to your review..
Rob Gianelli

I’m looking forward to this series. Personaly I really don’t care where the tabacco comes from and who does the rolling (as log as it’s done properly). What matters to me is the flavor profile. Over time I’ve gotten to know specific blenders whom I can count on for a good cigar. Price also doesn’t matter. I see a lot of people who won’t smoke a cigar unless it’s price point is at a certain level. I’ll gladly smoke cheaper cigars if the blend and construction are done correctly


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