Saturday Ashes – The Crescent City Crawfish Cigar Crawl 2010

The 2010 Crescent City Crawfish Cigar Crawl has been announced. One of the major sponsors is Crescent City Cigars which is one of the main shops I frequent in my area.

Since 1999, The Crescent City Crawfish Cigar Crawl has been your opportunity to share the finest cigars, entertainment, and cuisine in one of the most eclectic and exciting cities in the world. And the best part of the adventure is sharing all this with friendly people from across the globe.

You may attend any of the events that your taste and time allows. Or, as most folks do, come and enjoy the city with us for the entire four days.

And bring your spouse or friends, because even if your companion does not relish cigars as you do, we have activities planned that you can both enjoy.

This web site explains the schedule of events for 2010 as well as providing information on New Orleans hotels and travel and gives some tips for eating, drinking, and generally having a good time. We hope that you can join us in April and share the city with us!

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Wow.. I need a new life. This thing sounds GREAT!

Thanks for the info., Ben. Sounds like a great event!

Wish I could afford to :P Sounds like an awesome event/experience. One day. :)

Sounds like a good time. Maybe another time.

Wow!, sounds great, I haven’t been in New Orleans in years. I think last time was for 1988’s Mardi Gras when I was at Ohio State. Wish I could go. Lots of fun.

I wish there was something like that a little closer to home. I like my local B&M, but their events are kinda lacking. More pipe nights and ladies only nights. I don’t mind that, but I feel kinda left out. Just one good B&M in town too.

Sounds like a lot of fun. We need something like that in TN! Preferably in east TN, but Nashville would work, too…

I love crawfish boiled alot of spicy please. I will try to swing by the south on next month for the 2010 Crescent City Cigar Crawfish Crawl. See y’ll there…you hear…

that sounds like a good event. I wish I had the time. The Humidour in Maryland puts a great event on in April. I’ll be counting down til then.

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