September Contest

It has been a while since I have done a contest and figured “why not do one now?” This contest will pretty simple. No need to be on twitter or facebook to enter this contest; just enter on this page.

The IPCPR Trade Show ended last month and there was a fairly good amount of new cigar blends, line extensions, sizes etc… I want to know what new cigar or cigars are you looking forward to trying that were released during the show (or around the time of the show). Or what have you already tried that you liked or disliked. Also, a few words as to why you want to try them or why you liked (or disliked) it.



  1. One entry per person.
  2. Must be over 18 and live in the continuous United States
  3. Contest lasts one week, ends on 9-10-13 @ 11:59am cst.
  4. Put your entry in the comments of this post.
  5. Lets keep this peaceful, please no company or name bashing in the comments.



I have a 5pk of premium hand rolled cigars (no swisher sweets or anything like that). Two of them are brand new from the IPCPR Trade Show and the others are favorites of mine. I won’t list what they are, only due to them being new. I really want to see what you guys and gals are looking forward to trying or already tried, without the thought of the prize on your mind and your thoughts of them.

Good Luck!

And remember…. “Nothing beats a nice tight ash”


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Thanks to all who entered!

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I had the chance to try the Nica Rustica. Immediately, I could tell that this was a unique cigar – and one that will be extremely popular. I’m not a huge fan of Undercrown outside of the Corona Viva, but I’d take this any day over a UC (the Viva is admittedly a close call for me), and, considering the price point, I’d probably go to this 7 times out of 10 over a Liga (that’s not to say its better than the Liga, just that it is very good and, at a much lower price point, will attract me more). Really interesting flavor profile – like chocolate and nutty at the same time with a little spice. Legitimately unlike anything else I’ve ever smoked and I’m curious to not only hear what others think when they smoke it, but see how the flavors develop over time. These are expected to start hitting stores in October and I cannot wait as I can see this become part of my regular rotation!

I have heard good and not so good of the Nica Rustica. From the majority I have heard its a good smoke for the money. Its no Liga, like you said, but its a good smoke for the price.

While I do not get to go to the IPCPR Show I am always looking for another good cigar and the gem I found lately, I don’t know if it was introduced at or prior to the show, is the Gurkha 125th. I went to a Gurkha event at a local B&M where I bought a five pack. I have wished everyday since that I had dove in for a whole box. I don’t have a very distinguished palette and often can’t pick out a certain flavor/taste, however; when the flame hit the foot of that 125th my taste buds came alive!

That’s one good thing about cigars. You don’t have to be able to pick out certain flavors to enjoy a cigar. Many times I can’t pick out a certain flavor, or do I care to at times. But if its a good smoke, its a good smoke. Thanks for the comment!

Looking forward to trying the new flathead cigar by cao

I am interested in the Upmann Legacy and Kendall Spider, even though I don’t smoke much at all. Kendall spider mostly for its dark chocolate flavor and cappuccino aromas. So the spider would be my pick. Not even sure it came out at IPCPR but I think it was around that time. What do u think Shawn?? Lets give the Spider a try?!?

There are so many new cigars I want to try. I enjoy trying them all.

I’ve tried (and LOVED) Sam Leccia’s Black. Still looking forward to trying the White.

I’m interested in the CAO flathead. I haven’t smoked a cigar from CAO that i have had an issue with.

Really enjoyed the Headley Grange, really looking forward to the J D Howard. Sounds like I’m really going to like this cigar, can’t wait, but i’m going to have to wait. Thanks for the contest.

Agreed on the JD Howard Reserve, actually found one the other day. Sitting in my coolidor waiting to try it out, don’t know how long I can hold out though.

I really enjoyed the Ezra Zion Tantrum.

I’ve really wanted to try the new 601 Warhead and the new OSOK! Oh man!
…..and The Straight Jacket!
Im stationed up at Ft. Drum and there aren’t many cigar shops up here. The two that are here, don’t carry any quality cigars and lead me to believe that they only purchase cigars that they are familiar with. Won’t name any brands, but let’s just say….they’re not that great of smokes.

I am looking forward to the CAO Flatheads, the Drew Estate pipe tobaccos and the Nica Rustica, hopefully they will be more readily available than the Liga Privadas haha

There were lots of cigars I liked at IPCPR… OSOK, JD Howard and Nica Rustica were favorites and my best of show was the La Palina KBII and their Mr Sam. What I would like to try would be the Davidoff Puro Nicaraguan and the CyB Lancero.

I was REALLY looking forward to the 601 La Bomba Warhead. I was in love the band and packaging, and the overall profile of the cigar was intriguing. I was lucky enough to pick one up in July, and smoked it last month. It was an excellent smoke. Very tasty, smooth, and definitely a solid punch in the mouth. In a good way! :) I look forward to finding more, before they run out.

I’m curious to try the all-French Le Navarre. I’m also excited to get my hands on a Leccia White. And despite its (probably) being way too expensive, I’d like to try a Macanudo Estate Reserve too.

Really looking forward to a stick new to the American shores……Joya de Nicaragua Rosalones…..Nicaraguan Puro that looks like a great smoke. Love all of the Joya sticks…..can’t wait to light this up!!!!

I look forward to trying any that get good reviews and fall into my cigar preference bandwith! There are so many cigars on the shelves today, and so many new ones coming onboard, that I really do rely on reviews like Nice Tight Ash to help me navigate the new cigar waters. Keep up the fine work!

Love the eiroa…nomad…new hoja de flores maduro…leccia white one of my faves!

One of the new cigars I’m interested in trying is the Mundial from Alec Bradley. I was really impressed with the Dante. And I know they’re not opening any new accounts, but the Wynwood Factory Fresh was pretty cool too. Has anybody had the Guerilla Warfare yet from Viva Republica?

I have been looking to try the New one from Crowned Heads the JD Howard.. Also been waiting for the New CAO Flathead.. Thanks for the chance and good luck to all

Nica Rustica is high on my list. Tarazona or maybe 262 Revere lancero.

I know it’s always controversial, but the pictures of the Tat “Jason” looked awesome. The monsters have always been great and it is actually fun to search around and try to find the limited coffins.

Most would have to be the Nica Rustica, after that it’s probably the KFC, the 601 Warhead, and, not sure, but I think the re-release of Cubao.

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