“Smoked Up” No.11

This past week was a great smoking week for me. I had a hand full of new cigars and wasn’t disappointed by any of them. Some of them I have been looking for for a good while and others just seemed to end up in my hand. I attended two events this saturday. One was at “The Cigar Shop” in Biloxi, MS. They had a Xikar & LFD event with awesome Cuban style food, prize drawings and a keg of Guinness!

Later that day, I went to “El Puros Perfecto” in Ocean Springs, MS where they had thier first event. There was a local brewery called “Crooked Letter” there showcasing a few of thier brews. There was food and beverages there as well, but I was full from the Mojo Pork from the previous event. The shop gave away some cigar swag and cigars and had quite a turn out for thier first event.


Cuban Food

Cuban Mojo Pork, beans, rice and fried plantains

LFD Unreleased

LFD “Unreleased” prize


Doing the “Mando”


Alex (LFD), Paul (Shop Owner) & I



Cigar Views


MUWAT DS6My Uzi Weighs A Ton Digital Son 6 (MUWAT DS-6): I was gifted this cigar from a great BOTL. I am very thankful for it, for I believe I have a 2013 cigar of the yeat list contendor. I absolutley loved this cigar! I thought the Baitfish would be my go-to MUWAT, not anymore. If you like the Baitfish, you will love the Digital Son 6. Great draw, flavors and size make for a wonderful smoking experience. A good bit of a black cherry flavor with some earth and leather mixed in. This is deffinately a box worthy cigar!


JdN DC Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo Azarosa: Before JdN came out with the CyB, this was my go-to JdN cigar. The CyB and Dark Corojo are on two different levels of a cigar. The CyB a mold milder than the Dark Corojo. These two cigars show the ability of JdN to produce a great smoke, no matter what the flavor profile or strength. The Azarosa had a nice, but thick draw with dark wood and cocoa flavors. This size is my personal favorite in the line. A great smoke after a hearty dinner for sure.


Perdomo 20MPerdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Toro: A firmly packed cigar that led to a fairly firm draw. Had a cedary sweet flavor to it. I have had the Sun Grown and the Maduro version of this cigar in a few different sizes. I still prefer the Sun Grown a good bit more than the Maduro. The Maduro is not a bad cigar, just the Sun Grown seems to trump the Maduro in my flavor likings. This line is slightly higher than many Perdomo cigars. They are worth the money in my opinion. Just the Sun Grown is a better value in my eyes.


Herrera EsteliHerrera Esteli Lonsdale: Personally, this cigar was long awaited by me. I have had the Bonita Smoke Shop Time Warp that was blended by Willy Herrera and liked it a good bit for a “milder” classic line of a cigar. The Herrera Esteli was no different and I may have another top cigar for 2013 in the making! A great “Cubanesc” type of cigar that was a pleasure to smoke. Awesome creamy woody notes off a great draw and burn. I am also loving the Lonsdale size making a “comeback” in the cigar world.


Diesel CoronaDiesel Corona: This cigar was the last one of a long smoking (and Guinness drinking) day, so my taste buds (and thoughts) were a tad off. I did get some nice pepper and a light chocolate undertone as well. It had a firm draw and a decent burn. I’m going to grab a few more of these and let them sit (a few people have told me to let them sit atleast three months).  I think some rest would even off some of the flavors. This cigar was fresh out of the store’s humidor, so it needed some rest and possibly some dry-boxing.


Ortega Iron MikeOrtega Wild Bunch “Iron Mike”: I got lucky and got two of the last 3 cigar sets of the first three lines of the Wild Bunch cigars from BuckHead Cigars. This cigar was deffinately not for the faint of heart and a good solid full bodied smoke. I don’t recall many of the flavors off hand. But I do know I did like this cigar a good bit. I had to take my time smoking it, to stop any tar build up (I didn’t get any). The flavors were as dark as the wrapper is and very good in my eyes. Worth a try if you can find them and like full dark cigars.


Cuenca 5thCuenca 5th Anniversary: I was giving this cigar a first empression look for a future review of the cigar. The box pressed torpedo shape is one of my favorites. It wasn’t a hard press, more of a rounded box press. The flavors of a creamy wood danced around my pallate and was a pretty enjoyable smoke. It wasn’t a overly complex smoke, but more of a solidly good medium body cigar that could be smoked anytime of the day. Look for the review comming up in the near future. Hopefully this week I can get an indepth review of it.


SAMSUNGAlec Bradley Filthy Hooligan: Yeh, I had to smoke a Saint Patrick’s Day green cigar. I have had some good experiences with Candela wrapped cigars (ie: Viaje WLP 2011 Candela). But then have had not so good experiences with Candelas (ie: Viaje WLP 2012 Candela…) The Alec Bradley Candela wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible either. I’d say middle of the line for Candelas I have had. The first third was pretty tasty, but after that, it seemed to be lacking for me. Possibly the Guinness overpowered the smoke. I think next year I will try the La Flor Dominicana Candela.


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